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  1. Thanks for the help so far In response to the questions I am from Birmingham I am a student but also work part time as a bar tender I did goto court origannally and saw a summons officer and we agreed on a payment plan but she said that I was to start pAying once I had recieved a payment card and confirmation of the agreement but the only correspondence I had off them since then was a liability order and now this equita stuff is it still possible to get a deal with my council (Birmingham city) Tbe people at equita say they donot have my case as it's with the bai
  2. Hi, i have outstanding council tax of £865. i recieved a letter from equita threatening doorstep collections so i phoned them dtraight away and had a extremeley rude person telling me that my account was at the bailiffs and she would not talk to me but gave me a mobile number to call. i called this bailiff named Ronnie!! who told me that my total debt was in the region of £1100 and that if i did not pay i would have him come round in the next few days to arrange to collect my goods etc. i have never dealt with this before so was quite shocked and worried about the situation so i offe
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