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  1. hiya, i posted on this forum in 2009 and got so much help it was amzing sadley i find myself here again! recently my husband recieved a letter from "ruthbridge" asking him to call them about a debit. we were confused by this firstly as they addressed it to name he has not used since 2007! and secondly he has no debts that i/we are aware of. we dutifly googled this name and matched them up to cabot (who we previously had problems with trying to chase us for a none exsitent debit , see previous posts) . we recieved a second letter the other day along the same lines as the first , this
  2. hiya today my other half recieved a letter from cabot saying they agree the debt it statued barred and will no longer be coming ofter him for the money thanks to the letter we sent and the help i got from posting here xx
  3. hiya sam yes good job i never stayed in all day waiting isnt it lol its in hubby old name
  4. hiya wel as predicted NO email from cabot with details of the "debt" we have. i have posted the "knew nothing of debt " letter to them. we have called dfs (who the debt was originally with) yet they say they have no details about it (was from 1999) and dont know what finace company they used! x
  5. hiya if a debt was in one persons name but came out of anothers acount are both parties responsable for it? how long should finiacial companys keep their records for? if something is brought from say curries but the credit agreement went through another company, yet curries say they dont know who it is how can we find out? IF we do the "knew nothing of debt letter" how long before we get a repli? x
  6. hiya sam, thanks for replie, i have saved all the templates for the other half to look at later, do we send number 18 even if we recieve the email on monday?
  7. hiya why should i not sign the letter? i thought everything had to be signed? who do i send it to? cabot? (sorry for all the questions) x
  8. hiya thank you for replie. how do you go about the statute barred ? also with regards the cca, would we need to try and get one? basically we found out that a debt we knew nothing about had been "sold" to cabot. x
  9. hiya could someone please explain the above to me. thanks xx
  10. hiya i would say it was last paid before early 05. Other half and wife seperated then and he took control of all finiaces and paid all in his name again this debt was never shown or said about. what does statute barred mean? aparently as we called ten mins before they closed they could not do it and even thou they are open today they dont have access to email till monday the guy my other half spoke to was not nice at all wonder how these kind of people sleep at night
  11. hiya how do we comunicate quickly and effectivly? last payment no idea. the item was purchased in 1999 by my other half and his ex wife. the credit agreement was in his name as he was the one working but she paid the bills, he assumed she had paid it (rightly or wrongly on his part) and as far as he knew there was no debt. 3 yrs ago their house was reposessed and ALL bill, debts were paid of when this was done. this debt was never mentioned ( like i said we heard nothing till last night) so we assumed he was now "debt free" at last and his experian report said the same thing! The i
  12. hiya i stubbled across your forum late last night and it was interesting to read the posts. yesterday my other half who i have been with for 5 yrs recieved a letter from the above saying his acc was over due. Now we NEVER knew about this ac!, it was in his old name ( he changed it via deed pole several yrs ago!) and was sent to a addresses we have not lived at for 3yrs! intermingled with several other addys. we rang them to be told it was a debt from 9yrs ago that as far as we knew had been paid of. The guy said he wanted it in one go to which other half said no, they said we co
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