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  1. Hi Guys I purchased a lenovo y580 last night for 999.99, im aware the model comes with either an awful low res screen or a great 1080p screen. When i was in pcworld/currys i asked the advisor which one it was and he assured me it was a great 1080p screen but when i got the laptop home i thought it looked washed out only to find out its the low res model!! Now on the currys site it says you cant refund if you have opened the seals? Would i be able to take it back to my local store and get a refund due to the fact i was misadvised? Thanks
  2. Yeah how do I get them linked though it feels like I'm talking to a wall
  3. Problem is andy... I got paid 550 and withdrew immediately which put my account to -550 when the buyer appealed it the day after... Now i made the mistake of making a new paypal to resell the phone, i was advised by collegues to do that. So i get the money paid in my new paypal, then paypal limit it so i cant withdraw anything or transfer it to my other account.. Ive said to them numerous times, transfer the funds to my old account it will clear the negative balance and the rest can stay in my account.. Each time i get a super long pasted email telling me the processes...
  4. They have now suspended me on ebay too.. Are they having a laugh? Ive used them for about 7 years and have 100% with 220 feedbacks
  5. Where do you access that mate? I cant find it?
  6. Yes they are aware.. I tried to phone them but its 0870 and it said your wait will be 20 minutes I'm really annoyed
  7. Hi Everyone, This is my first post in a while! recently i sold an iPhone 4S on ebay for £550 and i received the funds as soon as the buyer had won the item. I proceeded to withdraw the money and then ordered another phone that i wanted, a few hours after though i had an email stating that they wanted to collect the phone from my house at 11.30PM which i obviously denied The following day i then receive an email that a "none postage of item" dispute had been raised, i then messaged the seller saying i am going to post the item today etc please withdraw the appeal
  8. Thanks mate ill type this up tonight and send tomorrow. It's A good job there are sites like these!
  9. Ill write a template then and post it here, send it recorded on thursday. Should i send it to the head office or where? And what type of things do i need to say? Cus theyll say they can withdraw an od at anytime right?
  10. Yeah I have transferred money over to my natwest current account So is it better writing than phoning? I got no where last time lol there just idiots, so annoying
  11. Hey guys, I had a thread on here before about my brother using my card, lots of lovefilm charges and unfair bank charges. Anyway i only started a payment plain with Blair w.e today Now on to my problem, 3 years ago I opened a student account and was told its 3000 and you have a year after graduation to pay off. Last Friday I received aletter telling me that my student od was expiring on the 21st. Today I went the bank with proof I am still a student when the guy rang up he told them he has proof that I am still a student but they told him I couldn't extend without resolving the
  12. I'll have to ring the fos again because I'm not sure where I wrote my claim number will they be able to give it me again? And no what's the developments?
  13. Well I got some solicitor letter this morning threatening a door collection, it wasn't Albion something with a b? I'm gonna have to try setting up a payment plan because if anyone come my house my life wouldn't be worth living!!!
  14. They know mate, I'm sure elsa quoted it in one of her letters. I havnt wrote FSO yet. Will try draft it later i havnt got all the letters tho I got a few and copies of all i have sent
  15. Letter from that Steven stretton again, saying his replying to my email to mr daniels. Still saying no, then said he looks forward to hearing from the FSO jokers, they also said it's my responsibility
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