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  1. The whole system relies on you believing you have a genuine PCN as issued by the council and paying up without question and not realising that in reality all they have sent you is an invoice. They rely on this and fear of the stated consequences to scare people into paying an unjustifiable sum and while a percentage do this they will say in business. They have no intention of anywhere near a court as their paperwork is inevitably full of errors and at most all they can claim for is actual losses so it is ot worth there while. You will now be in the letter train purporting to come from debt collectors and solicitors and in desperation there may be a few phone calls to try to intimidate you into paying. Stand firm and ignore as it is the PPC in disguise and have asked several to take it to court yet they continue to fail to accomodate me in this respect
  2. Do not believe he has any idea of how to about taking anyone to court as have requested this course of action personnally during some interesting phone conversations and guess what the papers have failed to appear
  3. Not a good idea as they could have a genuine claim against you - damage to hearing My approach is either to say I will try to find him or her and then leave them hanging on whicl I make a cup of tea, do the Times crossword, mow the lawn or if feeling devilish and I have some spare time to waste engage them in a 'pythonesque' conversation - basically talk drivel, silly accent, ask them to speak up, speak slower, take their foot out of their mouth so its clearer etc. etc. its their phone call and it is costing them money As to the question of a court appearance - they have always failed to carry out their threats even when requested to send the appropriate documents as soon as possible ECP have said in the Times that they have never done court and never will
  4. Basically they are grasping at straws as more and more people are becoming aware of this 'fleece the motorist system' and they are loosing their income Have had a number of conversations when GW have phoned (Roxbuggers/PPC in disguise) and have ended all with my request to send the Court documents as soon as possible. This lets them know that I am not afraid of Court (Haven't done anything wrong so why would I be) and know exactly what sort of chance they stand of winning in Court - Zero Ignore is the best course of action as it keeps the threatograms to a minimum. Writing makes them think you may be wavering a bit more pressure with valueless bits of paper will head your way
  5. Normally when they they ring I just let them know I am looking forward to receiving the Court documents. This so far has made them give up because they know that I know just how much chance they stand of winning should they take it to Court - zero Ignore is the simplest solution If you wish to irritate them back when and if they phone again just say hold on I will try to him/her and go make a cup of tea, mow the lawn, do the weekly shop - phone call is costing them and they will get the message
  6. It is NOT a fine and is just a speculative invoice dressed up to look official. The system (for want of a better 4 letter word also beginning with S) is based on bluff and they hope that yopu do not know this and pay up. Ignore this bunch of modern highwaymen who in spite of their threats of court (via themselves, themselves pretending to be debt collectors and finally themselves pretending to be solicitors) as they have no intention of leaving their sqaulid portakabin. All they can possibly claim for is their actual loss which is zero Ignore everything from now on and in spite of their forthcoming threats they cannot touch your credit file without firast taking you to court and winning which will be virtually imposible PARKING EYE DO NOT DO COURT Have personally ignored a number of these PPC's and even when requested to do so when some of them phone pretending to be solicitors they will not take me to court
  7. You have understood perfectly T&C infest my local ASDA and also my local retail park and can asure you from personal experience that ignore works well. They will do their best to scare you with debt collectors and possibly solicitors letters (actually T&C wearing different hats) but the reality is they have no intention of going anywhere near a court. Their rules are designed to entrap and recently having brought an item from Halfords for the car and returned to exchange for the right part within their stipulated 2 hours no return period. All it achieved was to to cost them the DVLA fee and postage paper etc. to get nowhere. If everyone ignored them they will go out of business so spread the word on how to deal with these parasites and deprive them of their ill gotten gains.
  8. They cannot touch his credit record and it is NOT a fine and it is NOT a penalty - all he has is a valueless piece of paper demanding a sum of money. It is nothing more than an invoice and can be safely ignored. The system works on scaring their victim with intimidating correspondance and as he sent them one cheque they have assumed he can be conned out of even more. As regards the potential court case I would take a chance and cancel the cheque. PPC's in general do not like court as they are operating on the fringe of legality and when they do they usually come away poorer and with their tails between their legs. Picking on a vulnerable disabled person (their ideal mark) would not go in the favour It could be said that your father cancelled the cheque because he thought it had gone missing i.e. as it had not been cashed and that they sent another INVOICE for a higher amount this made him think that it had got lost in the post LIke many on this forum I have an assortment of PPC invoices and associated correspondence and on the few occasions they have phoned pretending to be a solicitor they have been invited to take me to court and as expected they have failed to do this
  9. Mole PPC species - small insignificant creatures that prey on unsuspecting motorists. When they crawl out from under their stones and post they are invariably spotted within minutes as they are generally not overly bright and give themselves away. G&M is not one of these, cantankerous at times maybe but most of his posts are useful ones
  10. Yes, 'creative journalism', nothing new and perhaps ignoring is better than fighting it but if it serves to make more people aware of the [problem] and not pay up without question then that is not a bad thing. The point G&M /MM is that not everyone is on the internet and aware of this and other forums and articles like this help to get the message across that all they have is a speculative invoice It will also irritate the PPC industry who rely on people not knowing it is a [problem] and pay up without question
  11. Yes just ignore and read the various threads From these you will know to expect letters from a debt collectors (powerless nobodies) and maybe a solicitors letter or two Parkng Eye do not do court and their threats are empty ones
  12. If your BF starts to waver again then todays Daily Mail has an article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1386568/How-I-took-parking-Nazis-won.html#ixzz1MDbIDBlZ
  13. Euro Car Parks along with MET and Parking Eye are very easy to ignore and will not do court even when requested to do so Just ignore everything and they will eventually realise you have not been caught by their little scheme and desist. Expect letters from a supposed Debt Collector (PPC disguise number 1) and possibly a Solicitor (Lady on street corner in very short skirt and high boots who writes threatening junk mail) Todays Daily Mail has an article on another of these wretched leeches : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1386568/How-I-took-parking-Nazis-won.html#ixzz1MDXg9mk9 Basically get used to receiving this form of junk mail as this is a growth industry and they will soon infest every private carpark in the UK with petty rules designed to be broken and cheat the innocent out of their hard earned cash Ignoring them and passing the word around about this site and how to deal with them is the best advice and once they are deprived of enough of their income they will be out of business
  14. This is an industry that is almost unique in the way it extorts money from ordinary people Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1386568/How-I-took-parking-Nazis-won.html#ixzz1MDXg9mk9
  15. Well done Julie however boycotting all the stores that use PPC's is going to be difficult as the infestation is spreading to almost every car park in Englands (and Wales etc.) green and pleasant land..... or do I mean 'rip off Britain'
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