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  1. I haven't made a payment since september 09, but they still haven't been for the car.
  2. They have passed my accounts on to lewis debt recovery, even though I am in dispute, They have sent me letters stating I can avoid court action if I pay half of what is owed. What a joke.
  3. Just a quick update, I have also recieved letters offering a 25% reduction for my hp and personal loan. These were sent about two weeks ago. I then received last week default notices for both my accounts. My broadband is down at the moment so I am having to use dial up instead. So I wont be online very much for the next week. I re
  4. #Latest update# Got a letter from welcome today, It is in responce to my letter telling them to shove there ppi questionnaire. (which I sent weeks ago) This is what they wrote. ''As explained in our previous correspondence, I have closed the complaint until such time you provide me with the questionnaire.Upon receipt of the aforementioned correspondence, I will investigate and issue a final responce in the timescale allowed''. I just don't know what to do any more, feel like banging my head against a wall. They signed for the missold ppi letter on the 10th Novem
  5. I sent the two letters that are in post number 290, They responded with a letter thanking me for a subject access request and acknowledged the £1postal order. They also said the sar is being processed. but it was not a sar that i sent???
  6. Thanks steve dunn for your advice, Me and my keyboard are extremely tired now so i am calling it a night. Thanks everyone and happy new year!!
  7. I dont think I got warranty from the garage, only the £600 mechanical breakdown,
  8. I have already put in a claim for ppi. What do you mean about the warranty?
  9. the show room is very far away from where I live, I cant really get there because of the kids. Is there anything else I could do??
  10. i will post the invoice, just give me a few minutes
  11. I have got a used vehicle invoice from acf not sure if i have scanned it in or not I can scan if needed
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