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  1. gmcc75

    egg and dlc

    thanks will ask egg for subject access report and see what happens! and check all the bank statements ( will be faster than response fome egg) thanks for all your help
  2. gmcc75

    egg and dlc

    we contacted them every time we moved with our new address, and our mail was forwarded to our new address, if dlc was able to find us how come egg didnt? we're forces so we move every 2-3 years, thy sent us mail to cyprus and germany via BFBP( british forces post office) thanks
  3. gmcc75

    egg and dlc

    the statements are from my bank so i can check the payments for the loan, they were coing out by Direct debt so i can check if i missed any. egg didn't contact us to say they were getting dlc involved surely they cant do that ? thanks gayle
  4. gmcc75

    egg and dlc

    i think so, we moved back to uk in jan so got rid of all our paperwork (but am sure we did) do i send a letter to egg or dlc?demanding statements and other relevant paperwork, thanks gayle
  5. gmcc75

    egg and dlc

    i phoned my bank last friday but not received them yet, i'm willing to pay if i missed payments ( which i doubt) surely egg should of sent some demand( it's been 10 months since our final payment). dlc are being a pain with constant call, we have told them to write to us and not phone anymore but they have only sent a little postcard lol ) they really think i'm think and will just pay thanks for your quick reply
  6. gmcc75

    egg and dlc

    hey everyone, i'm new to this website so please be kind. 3 weeks ago i received a phone call from dlc, saying we owed egg 15 missed payments, we told them that our debt was paid in full as we paid our last payment in nov 2008. we then phoned egg to ask for details, they told me they had deleted my account, if that is the case how can we owe then money, we have receive further phonecalls from dlc, we have explained to them that we would not pay a penny till we received proof of missed payments, we have had no respose ( just one of those postcards wanting to come and visit), can any one please
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