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  1. HI everyone i would be most grateful if somebody could have a quick look over my agreement before i move forward. Thanks:sad:
  2. Thanks Silverfox I will wait and see if i get anymore posts
  3. Has stated on previous post as no RIGHT TO CANCEL
  4. Terms and conditions in next post
  5. Thanks Silverfox for the advice.It is a variable loan and i think the insurance came as part of the loan they have not sent me an paper work to suggest ortherwise.I did cancel this insurance after 12month.
  6. Some advice would be most welcome before i decide what my next move should be:confused:
  7. Hi is there anyone who can say if i am on the right track with my previous post.THanks:cool:
  8. :confused:Hi everyone.Recevied SAR today from Paragon today.They have sent me copy of my CCA and loads of paperwork containing all my transaction since 1996.Unable to upload CCA has have no scanner at the moment but the maim parts are laid out as follows Amount of Loan £10,000,00 Monthly Repayment £198.92 Current Rate of Interest 20.85% per annum Annual Percentage Rate(APR) 22.90% Estimated Number of Repayments 120 OPTIONAL PAYMENT PROTECTION Monthly Repayment £35.81 Total Monthly Repayment £234.73 After reading about CCA am i right in thinking that there should have
  9. Sent Subject to Access letter of yesterday.Should i also send in a CCA request.
  10. Thanks very much will send it off on Monday:)
  11. I have received no statements at all till the one they sent me last week,but that only showed last years payments and interest.
  12. Hi i have paid reduced payments from 1998.I just assumed that my balance would be going down as they had not asked for any increase in payments.
  13. Hi please disreguard this have now posted in the General Debt Forum Sorry a bit thick:(
  14. Hi Took out £10,000 loan with Universal in 1996,Pargon took over 1998 agreed reduced payments.Had no contact with then over the last 8 years then last week recived a balance from them of£25,000 dispite paying then over £22,000 over the last 13 years.Would applying for my CCA the best way forward.Thanks.
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