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  1. Again you're missing the point that it doesn't matter about the name of the courier, the legality of the issue remains the same. So the question should really be answered as if it were "is it illegal for a courier company to sign for my parcel in my name?"
  2. I'm posting on a "signed for a parcel in my name" thread it doesn't matter who the business is, it's the driver that is doing it. A driver for parcel force isn't more entitled to do it than Yodel, Hermes, UPS ..... Why are you so bothered anyway?!
  3. ^^ditto - about an old thread. The only shame on anyone should be the shame of the driver forging the signature. They did not write their own name, the "signature for delivery" is the signature of the person taking receivership of the item, so for the driver to write somebody elses name IS forging a signature whether it looks like it or not! They're doing it to save themselves the bother of going next door or to a local post office. It's not to help you it's to help themselves. I just had this happen to me last week. The driver didn't come to the door, didn't leave a card, signed the delivery themselves (in my name) and then left the item in front of a neighbours garage! (thought it was my property). The parcel (£100 of equipment) was then removed from that area either by the scrap iron van that came around the next day or some other opportunist theives (as the box was not plain and was cleary advertised on the outside what the content was). Did the driver admit their mistake? .. No, of course he didn't he hid behind the fact it had been signed for and tried to make out that the person he delivered to signed for the package and put it in front of the garage. Luckily in this case I'd had a delivery by the same company a few days before and the signatures they had did not match and I could point out that I wouldn't sign for a delivery and leave it on a neighbours property as that was insane! So there's the reason why this should not be allowed and should be made a fuss of. Because if the item goes missing the evidence will look like YOU are at fault. (This was Yodel by the way)
  4. That's horrendous, I'm suprised there's not been more posts on this! I've recently got one because I was talked into it during a visit to a branch. I said I have enough cards really, I only use two of them because of the benefits but they said that this one allowed me to spend overseas without any additional charges which the others do not. Since I'm soon to be going into Europe I thought it was a good idea. Glad I know about this now and will make sure I don't use it to get cash!!
  5. Hi, I had something similar happen to me also. My P800 was sent to me Nov2010 after I realised I was entitled to have claimed working from home allowance dating back 4 yrs. They spotted a problem where the wrong tax code was used by a shares company paying me back shares I'd paid into through an employer scheme when I changed jobs. They said I owed over £1200 from 2006-2007, but because I'd over paid in subsequent years I only owed £920. I queried under Esc A19 and received a reply in Jan 2011 stating the same that I owed £920. I saw an article on Money Saving Expert about these "standard" letters and so wrote again in Feb demanding it was looked into. I got a reply in April saying that I do not owe any monies and that because of this they now owe me. A week later I received a cheque for ~£200.
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