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  1. hi postggi and everyone sorry not been in touch for while, lots happening, i went the docs not long ago and got some anti depressants so my head feeling bit more there now. at long last# as far as car concerned still got it, have decided best thing to do is to sell it and hopefully should get nearly enough to pay what we owe> had long talk with hubby and told him its no good us getting another car its just more debt, we will have to just get cheap one when we have sold this! but still think i was ripped of on the gap insurance, any help or advice as to where we could go to see a
  2. hi postggi my husband has now gone and swapped our car for a different one from Arnold clarks! he got fed up with car (some men just cant wait worse than kids Lol. still dont know if that was right thing to do,:???:however he did not get any of the insurances etc, just the car, and i will now need to sort some gap insurance out! But i still think we were mis -sold the aa asset protection insurance we got from stoneache for the other car. i cant believe we were so foolish. but there must be others that are as thick Lol. i think we were very unwise and naive and thought everyone was
  3. hi all was just thinking about the assest protection insurance we took out on car, as if we did get another car they would probably want the insurance again! so decided to look on the internet and research a bit, well couldn't believe it!! :confused:found few sites that did gap insurance which is nearly the same as assest protection, gives you same deal really, but i paid £1400 ish. online some of the gap insurances where fair cheap such as £170!! cant believe the difference, so i have now come to the conclusion that we were definably ripped of!! is there any way i could claim against the
  4. hi postggi or anyone, any one got any advice on this, dont care if its advice that says there is nothing i can do, just need to know one way or the other? they are now trying to get us to swop cars and reakon they can now put our payments down!? not to sure about what a what i can or cant do so any advice either way would be helpful thanks for all the help up to now love dawn
  5. hi postggi heres the rest just hope it works this time: thanks you lord:-))) been trying for ages for the last ones, all that is up now is all i have. the two from aa and the rest from fiat, hope you can help and advise me what to do next. take care and once again thanks for all the time and effort you have put in up to now;) love dawn:D
  6. evening postggi thanks for the reply, the only things i got of the aa i have posted up, have no policy documents except the one i posted firstly they just sent me the letter and a copy of that!! here is the original, i haven t photo the one they sent with the letter but basically the same i have all the details from fiat re the finance here goes: [/url sorry have some more for some reason cant download them will try again in the morning, have from 20 - 26 to upload once again thanks love angeleyes
  7. hi anyone, wonder if anyone can give me some sort of advise on my post, if you can understand if may be because you need to read my orginal post which is: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/218721-help-can-i-give.html#post2414678 any advice, postggi or maggie if you there help )))) anyone xxxx
  8. hi Postggi, maggie and everyone:) i had recently put stuff on here for help, the thread started: help! can i give my car back on a voluntary termination? i was advised to send of an subject access request to both of the finance and the car dealer, i have now received reply's from both. the one i received from the insurance i have put up on the other thread but don't know if anyone can still read it so have done this new one. i have of yet have not put the details from the car company, who give me the finance and was waiting to see if anyone can read the one i have put
  9. oh guess it worked, sorry about the big page thing at the end:-))))) x:cool:
  10. hi postggi, maggie and everyone, just got a letter back from car insurance with a £10 check back! will try and link it to this page: can anyone let me know if it works? thanks couldn't fit the last little bit at the bottom in, don't know if you will need it, will type it just in case? "AA Warranty is a trademark of The Automobile Association Limited and is used with permission under license to Motorway Direct Plc. AA Warranty is provided by AA Mechanical Insurance Services Limited, an appointed representative of Motorway Direct Plc who are authorized and regulated by t
  11. thanks for that postggj, will be in touch as soon as get anything if not sooner:-))) and once again thanks so very much, xxxxxx your an angel:-))))
  12. hi postggj, maggie and all, i have sent of all forms and £10 postal orders to insurance and fiat finance, its now a matter of waiting! not sure if seen somewhere it up to 40 days, but dont know what happens if they dont send anything back in time limit!? any way thanks for all your support, dont know what i would do without ya:-))))) not to good at moment, still cant shift this bug!! so not been on over weekend, see ya soon xxxx
  13. hi Maggie thanks for that can print em out now and get em ready for Friday:-))) i am sending one to the original creditor fiat finance and one to the insurance company who the insurance is through. once again thanks xx
  14. hi postggji i have used the form as was said, i couldnt see any mention of A Dca but i don't understand what that means, (sorry!) gonna send one to fiat finance and one to insurer, dont know who the broker was as the insurance have sent me nothing since phoning!!not sent me policy doc or anything, the only docs i have are the ones on here and a statement of what i owed in feb 09. But no other insurance stuff!? hopefully will no more when i send letters but as i said wont be sending till friday, have them all sorted now just need to know whether to keep no 2 on list or delate
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