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  1. Yep sometimes dreams do come true!!!! Just wish I could pick the bloody lotto numbers..
  2. Skippy, I do believe that English Lemons are not to a Perth residents liking? they must be very bitter about buying a batch... Must be costing them a small fortune in import duties!!!
  3. Roary, You'll never be alone in this mate. If you need a catch up give me a call, haven't been up you're way for a while but maybe in the near future. I hope the beers are still cold!!!
  4. Ah now it makes sense....anymore foibles I might need to know about
  5. Ahhh Lincolnshire Sausages in the QLD summertime with a cold John Smiths by my side. What more could you ask for!!! I'm trying to figure a way to get some down to you still in an edible condition.
  6. toto003 My pleasure mate. Feel free to ask away if you require any further help. Most of the links in the previous pages direct you to the relevant codes, but I am more than happy to send you them if you need them. Just so happens I have them downloaded for reference. Bodgit
  7. I must admit the fake tan does make me look a bit orange. Thanks for the info, will have to choose my words more carefully, I thought I used a legal type of dog and not a flying thing!!! Ah well, I'm sure we'll will be hearing a bit more in the news soon about the exploits of P&B. Perhaps a stint with Big Bubba in the play pen might sort the GM et al out!!! I like this bit from the paper though: In the most extreme cases, it provides for fines of up to $1.1 million against companies and $220,000 against individuals if they are found by the courts to have harassed debto
  8. toto003 In response to your questions. 1. The fos in Australia is a voluntary scheme/code, and P&B have given notice that they wish to withdraw. (this takes 1 year ?) Yes, P&B need to give at least 1 years notice to leave FOS. Although it is a voluntary Scheme/code you must give them notice that you wish to leave. This is especially true when you haven/t been a member for more than a year as in P&B’s case 2. Several Aussie CAGGERs have complained to the fos about the behaviour of P&B and gained a resolution largely due to pressure from the fos ? FOS has
  9. Option 2 would be benificial to all, but you need to take your own situation into consideration first. Make sure everything is water tight though if you do take option 1. My complaints are still standing though, even though they have no recourse on me now. I'm gunning for the idiots one way or the other. About time these people where taught a lesson as long as ASIC et al will have the decency to take action. Which under the glaring obvious way these people have breached various laws and regulations they should do pretty soon. I believe we may have a spate of similar calls to oth
  10. Their case's are based on nothing. They do not have any original contracts, mostly only application forms, which do not even meet the requirements of the UK CCA never mind the Aus code. As itterated on numerous occasions the only way they can take action is in a UK court of law. the Aussie codes and acts cannot apply. The CCA of UK states that only the courts of england and wales can enfoce any action on these alleged debts, unless you have a CCj against you. It is all bullsh!t from Pie and beer. they are trying to get judgements by default, when people do not file a defence. Th
  11. Hi Guy's, don't give Pie and Beer any credit for normal thinking. They are out to try and frighten as many people as possible into paying some money. They do not have any legal right to chase and follow up in Aus and are hoping to get judgements by default. If they ever get anywhere near a court they will be ruined as it will set the precendence that we are all looking for. the best they can hope for is that hey try and get some money from people prior to being fined by ASIC, the PC and then sued by us all for wrongful logement of defaults etc. I do believe that on my last cont
  12. I think I'll have a 'P' please Seevee. followed by an Eye and ear. I do believe we have a winner folks.
  13. thx Noomill nice to have you as a friend indeed. Will read up and go for it. Now all we need is someone of the legal profession who knows a bit more about assignments from Sharklays to Canada to Australia.
  14. wonder if you can claim if it's been stat barred or would that be admiting the Debt???
  15. the other fact that has arisen is that they have no enforcable agreements that meet the prescribed terms as stipulated in the CCA 1974. I wonder if those lemons leave a sour taste in the mouth!!!
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