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  1. Many Thanks Kat-pus. Perhaps I Can Get Some Life Back. I Think The Forum Is Just What The Doctor Should Have Ordered In My Case. Thankyou All Again
  2. HELLO UNDERCOVER-ELSA. Many thanks for your encouragement and support. Thankyou everyone. I feel I can with other things as well now.
  3. Hello To All. Many Thanks For Your Advice. Though I Am Still, Wary You Have Boosted My Confidence. Kindest Regards To All.
  4. Hello Everyone Hope You Are All Well.? I Joined Today. Last Week I Received A Letter From Aktiv Kapital Addressed To Me By Name Asking If They Have The Right Address For My Name And If I Am That Person To Contact Them. I Did Not Do So. Today I Received Another Letter From Them Different Headed Paper Same Compant Requesting Validation Of Details We Hold For You. I Looked Them Up On The Internet So I Know Basically They Are Debt Collectors. Any Suggestions From Anyone. I Had A Quadruple Bypass In 90's And A Side Affect Was Severe Depression I Lost My Job ,home And Was Made B
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