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  1. the default date is within the 6 years though which is why it is still there. Another couple of years before it can be removed that way.
  2. Yes good idea, thank you. Where do I stand on having it removed from my credit file? It's the only thing doing my score any damage.
  3. Ok, thanks guys. I'm not particularly well up on what to write in these letters. Any ideas how to phrase it?
  4. Well that's what they've done!! I sent them the nice long dispute letter (you know, the one to tell them I consider my account to be in dispute). I have received no response to the CCA and inadequate response to the SAR. No agreement, no debt, right? And for the record I wrote to Ruthbridge telling them why I was not paying. So I receive a response today. It says that they have looked at my complaint (did I make a complaint??????) and they can see from my records that the debt was sold to Ruthbridge and I should contact them to arrange payment. I have so many weeks to respond or take it t
  5. They are right at the beginning of this thread. Someone put them in their advice so just copy and paste it and add your details to it. There are pages on here too with lots of templates for you.
  6. Hi Postggj, Is there anything I can do to get them to wipe it from my credit file? After all doesn't no cca mean the debt doesn't exist???
  7. Well I have found that the guys on here are really good and should put you at ease. Sounds like you're in the same position as me. Go through this thread and do all the steps I've been told to do - at least then you'll know you've done things properly and you'll have done things in the right order. Remember to use the templates for the letters so that the wording is right and you cover yourself properly.
  8. Fab, I'll get those letters (although I don't know the site very well so it might take a while, lol) but I'd appreciate the extra help later if you can.
  9. Hi T2, No help since your last post. Any advice on this? There's no response to the CCA but now Ruthbridge are chasing me. I've sent doorstep letters and they seem to be ignoring it, threatening to call on me to get payment. If no CCA and very little from the SAR how can I get them to leave me alone? T x
  10. Yes Terbo I was worried about it but the further along I'm going the more confident I am and the less worried I am getting. Can anyone add to this please? There is no CCA - what is the next step? Ruthbridge are hassling me now, saying I haven't stuck to my agreement. I have issued the doorstep letter etc but no reply. What's next with both Welscum and Ruthbridge?
  11. Good news (well for me anyway!). No CCA!!! What's the next step?
  12. I could still do with some help on this if anyone can advise?
  13. The default on my credit file is later than that now that I've checked so it'll be a while before it is statute barred - come to mention it should this date match anything on their records because it doesn't? What can I do to make them cancel whatever agreement they've got and wipe my record clear? it's the only thing doing me real damage on my credit score and could really do with getting rid of it. Also, what do I do with regards to the PPI and repo then? what do you suggest?
  14. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-finance/218213-welcome-repossessed-still-after.html This is my big thread on my problem with Welcome Finance. It's got to the stage of where they have admitted they have sent me everything they have on file for me, which is very little, and I need to know what I can do next. I wanna kick their ass and get it deleted from my credit files but I can't do this without some help from you guys please. What do I do now???
  15. Hello, Well I've written to Welscum with all the blurb about what they risk and what laws they are in breach of and today I receive a letter from them. It says that they can confirm that I have received everything that they have - which is pretty much NOTHING! Please could you advise on what I do next??
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