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  1. The court has cancelled the hearing for another date to be confirmed due to covid19. Plus I have received from the other party a notice of discontinuance, so I take it that when I spoke to the court they probably had not seen that notice.
  2. Oh I will phone the court friday & see if it has been cancelled & if not I will explain to the court what they have sent me thanks for the advice tho
  3. I have replied to the email to agree for this matter to be closed & no further action. I appreciate all the help thanks
  4. Just received this by email Without Prejudice Save as to Costs Dear Sirs Our client is willing to try and settle this matter without the need to attend Court and the further costs that would be associated with having to attend. We appreciate you are a litigant in person and may not therefore be as familiar with Court procedure. Our Client proposes a 'drop hands' settlement, whereby both parties discontinue each of their Claims and walk away, bearing their own costs in the matter. In essence, our Client will end its proceedings agains
  5. On the day of court the judge said all I need to do is sit there & smile, because there is no one to sue as the company does not exist. The claimant said he's never heard of nothing like this before, & is now wanting to sue for costs. All that concerns me now is the judge has advised me to seek legal advice, before the next court date.
  6. In the Birkenhead county court claim no ( defendant ) And ( claimant ) I .................. was the director of ............ until it was dissolved on the .................... 1. There is no cause for action as the company you are trying to sue no longer exist nor does its liabilities. 2. This was a photographic capture so no information about the driver was gleaned at the time. This claim is an abuse of the law, its process and English language by issuing a NTK tried to create a keeper liability but failed to follow
  7. Is this ok for my witness statement I ****** ******* was the director of ****** ****** 1. I was the director of the above company which was dissolved on ********** 2. I feel that with this parking charge being after this date that it cannot apply as the company did not exist, and debts cannot be passed on to a new incorporated company. 3. I did respond to the solicitor over this matter explaining that the company no longer exists. Statement of truth
  8. Do I really need to do a witness statement ??? Because I clueless with all the technical wording I don't know were to start. Will it go against me if I dont file one or is my defense statement I have filed to the court enough.
  9. Hi you mentioned that they are not part of the BPA but I have looked on the BPA website & horizon parking are on it.

  10. Hi I am new to all this so is this ok for my witness statement The company did not exist at the time of the PCN so there can be no one to sue. A debt can not be passed on to a new incorporated ltd company from a ltd company that has been dissolved, all debts are dissolved at the time of the company being dissolved. A company can not be sue'd under POFA it's the driver Is this ok
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