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  1. Hi Guys I'm back:| We last wrote to Welcome on 19/05/2010 stating a new address and also saying that we were still awaiting a reply from our letter dated 07th April 2010 ....See post 381. This letter was sent to the local office and also to compliance.......... We have heard nothing from them for over a year.....no reply to our previous letters.....no statement of account....NOTHING. We have in the last three weeks received three letters from Experto Credite requesing payment of £6500.87........... for a £2500 loan. They admitted that the ppi had been misold but as we did
  2. Good Luck Beyond......fingers crossed it goes ok for you. xxxxxx
  3. Good luck Beyond xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. I totally agree with both of you. It's made me realise that even big companies (who should know the ins and outs of the law)can be wrong. They rely on the fact that most people ( me included) are quite gullible and will give up without a fight. NOT ANYMORE. Thank you to all who give advice on this site. Dawnx
  5. :-). Hope they sell ours soon then....we could just about manage 2% as full and final.....:grin:
  6. Hi Beyond....LOL to 2nd May default...Must have sent a whole batch out. Just rang nice girl at the local office and she says our account has now been transferred to Head Office..(wonder if local office may be closing) Rang head office.....passed from desk to desk and then put on hold for ages so hung up......no one seems to know whats going on:rolleyes: Going to wait till tomorrow see what happens re their promised four weeks and then will try to put a letter together.I will post it on here for comments before posting. Love Dawnx
  7. Hi Guys Still awaiting their reply to our quesrions which we should have within the next two days if they stick to what they said in their last letter giving themselves four weeks. Been away and came back to Default Notice. This states it has to be dealt with within 14 days from the date of the notice...........the notice is dated May 2nd.....a Sunday.....before the bank holiday Monday......would they really be working on that day. I have the envelope which has no date but it is printed with some sort of code and zone. Can anyone tell me if I ought to reply to this or are pe
  8. Just a little bump for you Sorry I can't help xx
  9. Hi Guys, Had a final response yesterday......................................it's an exact copy of the final response and restructured loan agreement that they sent us two months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However....I have now noticed that the letter we received a few days ago saying that they would reply to our queries within four weeks has a different complaint number........ Obviously two people..two desks..... We are going to ignore this final response for now and await another one from the other desk.:lol: Dawnxx
  10. Great news Mark......Keep at 'em. All the best Dawnx
  11. :D:D:D maybe we have the same local office.
  12. I know.....I just hope they dont close the local branch before we have sorted this....... I do realise how lucky we are not having much hassle when I read some of the horrendous stories on here.I just hope I am not speaking too soon:rolleyes:. Touch wood............ All the best Dawnx
  13. Hi DJ and Beyond. Last week we had a phone call from local branch asking how things were going...LOL.You would think that they could look on their system wouldn't you:roll:.Anyway we said we were still awaiting a reply re our complaints and she said ok.....She really is very nice:).....dont know why she works there!!!! Had a letter at the end of last week from compliance just to say that they are still looking into our complaints and they hope to have a reply to us within four weeks. The time we gave them in our letter is up tomorrow but we will just wait patiently. Nothing is
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