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  1. To cut a long story short, I have been in dispute with Santander / Abbey for some time now and basically have not had the time to deal with claiming charges back although letters have been sent about my grievances to the bank. The last time I looked I was £3000+ over drawn all due to increasing charges. This was well over a year ago. A few weeks ago I received a Transaction statement addressed to me at my current address. I opened it and it quite clearly states top righthand side TRANSACTION SUMMARY STATEMENT followed by: Date Transactions
  2. Agree but the conversation was recorded in full and all parties aware. Including introductions and Job titles. They called me! In what way? That is your opinion and you are entitled to it, but it is my honest opinion, I wanted to ensure that I was making my feelings known and that I intented to take the matter further. I appreciate the help and advice! Now who should I bring this to the attention of? I have complained to "Whoever they are", in the first instance. Who Next? Thanks
  3. Copy of the agreement And the letter they sent on the 7th of Sept 2009. Having spoken to Sarah in the Customer relations team today PAYDAY UK are still standing firm that they have a right to take the Money from my account. I agree that but its the circumstances in which they have taken the money from my account. I have suggested that the letter sent on the 7th sept inviting me to contact then to secure a payment plan was without foundation as they took the Money anyway. The response was that the computer is setup to do that automatically. I made it clear that I had been given fal
  4. Just noticed something and I'm hoping it might have a bearing: KeyesWhitlock sent out a letter dated the Monday 7th Sept (See image). The Letter was received on Monday 14th Sept 2009 remembering there is a Postal dispute. Two days AFTER KeyesWhitlock take Payment from my card. The Letter partly states: Surely if KeyesWhitlock have offered me 7 days to contact them if order to resolve the matter, then they should at the very least wait for those 7 days to elapse before even attempting to take the payment as this leaves no option for discussion as per their own invita
  5. They already know and have done for some time. I am wise to that now and have applied for Both. I though the whole idea of having a Basic account was to prevent overspending especially with Money I dont have. Seems not. I have never had or needed an overdraft in 22 years of Banking. Dont get me wrong! They helped me when I needed it, but as I cannot prove my contact in any way, they are playing by the book! Shame they cannot offer any Discretion relating to my circumstances. Cancelled my debit card and ordered a new one. How can the bank authori
  6. I took a Small payday loan out before I lost my job. Could not pay back at the end of the month so called PayDayuk and spoke to a really nice lady and forgot to get her name. I explained that I have no income at present and asked if they would allow me to repay in small installments until I finally get my Jobseekers paid (3 months processing clain BTW) or secured employment. She agreed to defere the "Payment" with no extra interest for an extra month AND I said I would give them a call as soon as I can pay. I was relieved and found them really helpful. Well Yesterday 14th September, Exact
  7. Hi, In December I was appointed Operations Manager for a Car rental company, Despite the fact that it was all pointing to an Employed post, to cut a long story short, I was self employed with No Contract. The Post was advertised as a Salaried Full time Position, in an office. I recently applied for a job and I was told that this car rental company has provided a reference and stated and that I had a bad attendance record. I did not get the Job due to sole comment. The only time I took time off was when he underpaid me by £2500 in one month so I did not go back at all. We had a
  8. My LL has place the Deposit into a scheme 8 months after I paid it to him. If I decide to sue, would it be possible for the DJ to make an order to have the Deposit repaid back to me (and 3 x Deposit) despite still being in the property? LL also send a text message to me stating that My deposit was protected on the 20th Aug 2009. DPS state that the Deposit "Cleared" on the 25th August 2009 but was "Protected" on the 21st August 2009. Are there any issues with this as its quite clear the LL was not being truthful. I am very confused as some say this and some say that and the b
  9. Asked my MP to get involved and guess what? Housing Benefit Claim Processed JSA Processed.
  10. Thank you KittyKat. I can't believe what I got myself into really but I'll make it my mission to ensure that LL does not do this to anyone ever again. The Tenancy Relations officer did get involved and advised accordingly but that advice was ignored. He has now suggested to leave the matter for the police as it seems the list of offences are growing daily. I wake up each morning trying to work out who I call first The Jobcentre to see if they have made a descision on my 12 week old claim, The housing benefit section, Community legal, His solicitor, Potential employers or the na
  11. Hey kittykat13, He may well be your Old Landlord. I contacted Police and they AGAIN they gave him words of Advice. The Police officer said to him, "You have a Solicitor, Why light the touchpaper?" Shortly after, I Received another Email from my LL. SERIOUSLY! We have already arranged for Police to Attend to prevent a breach of the peace and He writes that he has requested a PCSO to allow the inspection to go WITHOUT HINDERANCE. This guy is really in the land of Zarb. I have written to his solicitors and ask them to advise LL that there is no eviction notice.
  12. Deposits : FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH INITIAL REQUIREMENTS: The proceedure states that one should write to the LL and state your Intentions of taking legal action if the deposit is not returned or deposited into a scheme. The problem seems to be if the LL reacts and protects the deposit before any court hearing, then the court cannot make an order as LL as complied. Yes he has failed to comply within 14 days. Maybe I should rob a bank and then just before I go to court, pay the money back and all will be ok! My LL is a nasty piece of work and I am constantly being harrased b
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