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  1. Strange to say but 'unfortunately' in this case we are all fit and well! The liability is for about £1,000. As for this years council tax bill, we are in a better position now than we have been of late so we are up to date... obviously only a month in of course. I'm thinking of writing to the bailiff's at the moment just to state that they will not be granted entry, and that they are wrong to state that they can remove possesions in my absence as a levy has not been undertaken. Hoping this may slow them down a bit?
  2. Thanks, it was my understanding that they couldn't come in without having gained peaceful entry.. It's just the way the letter was worded I was worried that the rules may have changed. Any advice on my best course of action from here as I would rather they didn't turn up whilst my partner is here on her own. She's desperate for me to call them but I know they will just expect to arrange an unreasonable repayment plan that we can't afford. Ploddertom - our baby is 5 months Thanks for the help all
  3. Hi all, I have received a letter today from Rundle regarding outstanding council tax. The outstanding balance I have been trying to pay back direct to the council online as and when I can. The letter Rundle have sent me is marked 'Notice before entry' and it states withing the letter the following... "Whilst the law allows me to remove your possessions in your absence, I would prefer you were present so that we can agree the list of items removed" Now as far as I'm aware they have never entered my house and we have certainly never signed a levy, so can someone confirm whether th
  4. Hi all. Thought I'd update. After my PPI refund my branch resumed chasing the balance of the account - Approx £300. I informed them that I was looking into reclaiming the charges applied several times. After a couple of weeks I received a call from their complaints department regarding the charges. They informed me that they would look into it and get back to me. A week later I've received confirmation that some of the charges (£235) will be refunded to my account! The fee's refunded were: Unpaid direct debit fees Telephone Call fees Outside Call fees Whether it helped
  5. Hi all, An update to this saga.... I have received a letter/summons regarding this whole matter an it seems they are just going to start chasing it all over again. It's stamped with 'After Statutory Declaration' across the top. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? I'm sure I've read somewhere about it being proved in court that the DVLA regularly lose mail.. surely this could be the case with the part of the registration slip that I sent to them after I sold the car? Can I use this? I'm also wondering about the company I part ex'd the car too. Apparenttly they have cha
  6. I'd like to think that it wouldn't need to go so far as going to court considering that the FSA seem to be taking action against lenders with some pretty big fines. As far as Abbey are concerned I'll be calling and pestering their customer services tomorrow. The only way I got my mortgage statements from them to work out my charges in the end was by faxing them my letter. Then calling constantly until I knew the fax was in the right hands at their end (in my case the archives team - old mortgage). I'm thinking that I'll be pointing to the FSA fines that have been handed out within pretty
  7. I have recently started te process of reclaiming mortgage arrears fee's fom abbey. So far I've managed to get statements and have fired off a letter requesting the charges be repaid. So far I've had no response. I have got to say though that they managed to 'lose' 3 letters just requesting a list of charges despite 2 of them being sent recorded delivery so Im not holding out much hope of them getting my latest one. Not sure if you have come across this but this is what prompted me to make my claim and leaves me feeling pretty confident about reclaiming - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/b
  8. Ok, another update - and some good news at last! I have today finally received a response from Welcome and it came in the form of a refund for my PPI. Although the letter that I received today on 19/07/10 was dated 08/07/10 - and within the refund offer it states that I need to send the acceptance form back within 14 days! Posted to me second class of course! B******S to the last! That now leaves me with a pretty small balance which will disappear if I can get all the fees / letter/ phonecalls etc refunded. In fact thats all that the remainder of the account is made up of.
  9. There is a sticky at the top of this forum with a pretty comprehensive Subject access request template if you need it
  10. dadofholly I haven't asked them for an SAR yet. I did wonder about this whole commision thing that i've seen mentioned on quite a few threads. On the very bottom of each page of my pre-contract agreement there is a bit stating - Non FSA Territory Tier 1 (Elite & P100) 01.12.06 - I know 'Elite' have been mentioned quite a bit on here so that made it stick out.
  11. Well as expected I had to chase them up again despite being told they'd get back to me. Apparently my complaint has been actioned and I should be getting a response within the next 10 working days.... The thing I'm thinking about now is that my payment is due on the 14th. Where do I stand if I decided that I'm not prepared to make anymore payments until I get some kind of response from them? Do I have grounds to dispute this account as it stands? As I've said previously I'm pretty sure that once the ppi refund and any charges are refunded that will cover the balance of the account, s
  12. All letters have been sent to compliance. Established long ago that the branch weren't much use when they managed to lose letters that I handed directly to them...
  13. Thought i'd better update this thread.. not been about for a while. Firstly thank you Ozzy for your help, gave me a good idea of how to respond to their questionnaire. Well since I sent their questionnaire back to them in April 2010 (1st class recorded) this is what has happened.... NOTHING! I have had no response whatsoever, It has been impossible to contact them on the phone and my local office up until now don't / can't / won't do anything at all apart from take my money. The manager of the local branch did however suggest a little while back that I send a very strongly wo
  14. Thanks letsmakeamark.. was wondering what my nest step should be regarding the dvla and if I should contact them directly regarding this now.
  15. Hi tomtubby, I made the Stat Dec this morning and it was accepted by the court - although a little grudgingly I think as I was outside the 21 days normally required...
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