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  1. Im resurecting this post as this loan has been passed to some debt collection company called 'mackenzie hall' and they are being extremly unreasonable with me to the point where they are hell bent on taking this to court. I was on holiday, when I check my mobile and I had a text from them, so being nice I contacted them to tell them I was away on holiday and so would not be able to deal with it now. The lady I spoke to just wanted my card details, despite me telling her I don't have them with me. Well I've been home for a few days and received another very aggressive letter stating the foll
  2. Hi Yahoo User, Simply cancel the direct debit they have setup. Once this has been cancelled this basically relinquishes your authority for the company to use that direct debit anymore and in order for the company to setup a new one they will have to seek your authority again. In theory this would just usually involve a call to say your electricity company to ask them to setup a new DD and you would give your account number and sort code again etc. That is basically the authority the electricity company needs to setup a direct debit. When dealing with the scummy payday lenders
  3. I would look at their terms and conditions, it may say that they will only agree to take payments from your prefered debit method. If their t/c's don't state anything about if you fail to pay by card then they are entitled to take money by direct debit then they are in trouble as this is a breach of data protection law and they may have defaulted on their terms and conditions. I did see before in a different agreement, that if they do setup direct debit they are required to give you notice. It would be worth having a read to see what they are entitled to do. If they are not autheri
  4. I do know the law states that if a loan has defaulted, the creditor is no longer entitled to charge interest after the default date.
  5. Sorry to hijack the post, but I too defaulted with QQ in feb and have not heard a thing. I did go to town on them though and said I was perfectly happy to pay £45 to take them to court so the court can impose the payment plan. Never heard a thing!!! It also states in their t/c's that they will only debit by their prefered debit method (direct debit/debit card) so if you arranged to repay or extend your loan via debit card, they are only autherised as per their t/c's to take the payment by debit card and it also states that they have to give a certain amount of notice by law!
  6. I've PM the details for Wongas customer services manager. Ric
  7. Hi Tillytiger, Hope this helps with wonga, Email errol.damelin@wonga.com, he's their director and copy in customercare@wonga.com. Entitle your email 'formal complaint'. Put down your proposal, and state that you've been informed by the office of fair trading that the offer is reasonable if you state in the emails your in financial hardship. The reason for this is, I did have a genuine problem with wonga in the fact I did have genuine fraud on my account so my bank cancelled my card. I informed wonga way in advance and got their account details to pay the money in. On the day of repa
  8. Dear TXTLoan, I'm impressed with your rejection rate of 85%, and did a stint in financial underwriting for credit cards so I agree with you that your lending criteria will evolve and change over time. I'd be interested to know out of the 85% rejection rate, how many were fraudulent transactions, and how many were genuine. The reason I feel payday loans should be banned is like many people on here I've just defaulted on 1 payday loan tomorrow. I've managed to clear the other 2 that I had. I realised very quickly that my wage was being comitted to payday loans. As I am a very good
  9. I'm wondering if quickquid have to provide me with advanced notice to debit my account. In there t/c's under debit autherisation it say the following "we will provide you with advance notice before we re-present for payment a previously returned or dishonoured debit." I've included the full t/c's of this section. Do they have to provide me with advanced notice. Any help would be appreciated. DEBIT AUTHORISATION: You hereby voluntarily authorise us to debit your nominated bank or building society account ("your Bank Account") or Debit Card for any amount that is payable by you
  10. Hi thank you for your replys, I've drafted a strongly worded email offering them a reasonable payment plan over 6 months, for the origional capital plus 1 months interest due. If there not happy with that, then that's there problem as i'm going to get hold of their bank details one way or another and make the monthly payments. I've also said in the email that if they set even 1 direct debit up I will take them to court. I'm sure they would have an hard time with a judge when i'm offering a totally reasonable payment plan, plus it will only cost about £50 to take it to court. I doubt qu
  11. Dear txtloan, I am in favour of banning payday loans, and agree with the general notion that you are tempting people who can't get an overdraft with there bank with expensive credit that you havn't really means tested their ability to repay. Would you be will to prove that your buisness model isn't this by providing a rough % of how many loans default, out of the loans that default how many get to day 46? It would also be interesting to know how many % wise of customers borrow week after week? I know that this could be sensative information but I'm asking for % not how much capi
  12. Hello all, I've ended up with 3 payday loans , 2 which I am paying off this month:). Due to unforceen circumstances I've been landed with a big bill this month that has to be paid and the biggest payday loan I have which is with QuickQuid. I just can't afford to pay, not even to pay the Interest. I've informed my bank my card is lost, and have made arrangments to pay the other 2 which are small. The loan with QQ is however for £450.00 and the interest is £112.50. I've already had to defer this 3 times already and the interest payments are killing me. I'm finally in a position this mon
  13. Hi Tilly, Not to scare you and it wasn't my intention but NO bank can garantee they will not let funds transfer as most banks are automated and there computer system sometimes can let payments through. The best thing you can do is hand a letter to your bank manager making it clear you do not autherise any payments out of your account to any firms (supply the names to your bank) or to any other company. Make it clear in the letter that any funds that are debited from either your card or by direct debt is unautherised and can be treated as fraud. This basically will force your bank to k
  14. Hi tilly, This is a bit of a long reply but will give you a way to beat these companies, be able to sleep at night and have a great Christmas. It's kind of an old fashion way of doing things, but it really does work. Well this how I did it anyway and will require a bit of research before the 16th and a bit of time. It won’t wipe your debts but it will lift a lot of the stress for you and your husband. You need to find a small building society that offers savings pass books and has branches that you can easily get to. Give them a ring and ask them if they allow a standing order fa
  15. Hi people, I wrote a letter to welscum about the default. They wrote back within 10 days saying it was an error and they will remove it from my credit file immediatly. Result!!! Well not really. I got the letter from welscum on 29/09/09 saying the default will be remove within 28 days. I've since applied for my credit file from Experian, the date they did the report on my credit file was 29/11/09. The hire purchase agreement appears exactly like this; Welcome Financial Services LTD HIRE PURCHASE/CONDITIONAL SALE Started 22/10/05 Balance £0 Settled 24/05/07 Monthly Paymen
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