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  1. This is excatly what I thought but Redcastle Recovieries is using Ridgeworth Fairmile Recoveries who is using Response Credit Management all companies under one umbrella but giving Experian and the ISO misleading information and basilcally taking the p..s. This is despite me having proof in writing that I entered into a debt Managment plan in 1999. Time I think to get a solictor involved to try and unravel whats been going on.
  2. well thats what i would have thought when i spoke to natiowide and asked them when they sent me the default notice or that they was selling the debt they said they did not have that information as it was long ago. Although they cpuld tell me date loan was taken out and when they sold the debt . Very strange indeed
  3. Update I am wits end with this case so any input would be greatly appreciated after many phonecalls at letters the situation is as follows The orginal loan was taken out in December 1997 I defaulted on this in 1999 and Grouped all my debts in a debt management plan with Consumer Credit Councelling service. Again I defaulted on this due to redundancy but paid most creditors off by CCJs which are all now settled except the Nationwide one which has resurfaced from nowhere. Nationwide confirm that they sold the debt in May 2006 to Redcastle Recoveries which seems to be the same address as
  4. Thanks for your reply not sure if Natiowide placed a default on my cra file in 2001 but would assume they did.at the time i grouped several debts into a package with consumer credit councelling service but could not continue paying them due to me losing my job and ill health. I would say its statue barred as i defaulted on the debt in 2001. Ridgeworth has brought the debt in 2006 .
  5. Update Have recieved a reply form experian today that they are not going to remove the default from my file as Ridgeworth Fairmile purchased the debt from Nationwide in june 2006 this is a loan I did default on in 2001 so it is past the 6 years so can Ridgeworth now add this for a further 6 years now they have purchased the debt?
  6. Well I have spoke tp Experian today again and made a formal complaint to the Information Commissoners Office that the details are incorrect as I said in my orginal thread at start I did default on loans in 2001 and paid off 2 ccjs but have no idea of this loan or Ridgeworth Fairmile and now its Response Credit Managment sending me letterson Behalf of Ridgeway Fairmile.And have been on the electoral roll since 2002 so not as if I was hiding from my responsibiltes this deafult had just appeared om my cra file in 2006 from nowhere. But thanks alot for your information re free credit report I se
  7. Totally agree with you well any petiton you start up again my name will be at the top
  8. Had a letter last week from a company called Response Credit Management acting on behalf of Ridgeworth Fairmile sayin that I owe them £10216 but will accept £5108 if i pay before 30/9/09 and they will clear default from my credit file. I spoke to experian and told them this and That I can 100% prove this debt is not mine . Ridgeworth Fairmile have not responded to Experian askinf for information the stupid thing is Experian says all they can do is keep writing every 7 days to Ridgeworth Fairmile. And that this can continue for up to 3 years. I disputed this and said surley there must be a cut
  9. Wow so clever thanks you ever so much could never have written or thought of such a good letter to send will update you soon on there reply once again many thanks toyou and everyonewho has responded to me
  10. Thanks for that and the link but cant see where i download a template for the letter? Do intend to write to them and ask them to explain the debt in full
  11. Update What a suprise yesterday I recieved a letter from Ridgeworth Fairmile Recoveries the 1st in 3 years since they registred the default in my cra asking me to contact the within 14 days. Not going to contact them but follow the complaints procedure through as the default was in 2001/2002 not 2006 as they state. Though the letter does not state where the orginal debt orginated from or on what dateI defaulted on it.
  12. Ah ok thanks for that yes will check with other cras to see what is on there files also
  13. Cheers for that but what is oc yeah got the ball rolling at least sure it gonna take months on letters to and fro but will get there in the end i hope. Cheers uptotheneck for the other cra
  14. Many Thanks for taking the time to reply , yes i have spoken to Experian and ask that it is taken off my file for the follwing reasons 1. Have no knowledge of Ridgeworth Fairmile or any other debt i owe except the 2 ccjs which i cleared. 2. In 2001 i was subject to id fraud and this may or may not be related They have 28days to reply to my letter wheather are going to remove it or not. And after reading articles on this site it seems i have to inform the other 2 credit reference agenices also. I know of equifax but not the third one? And also added the timescale if it was my debt t
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