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  1. Just had a phone call from the PA of Mr Ridgway. Very nice lady informed me that I will receive an £80 refund within the next week. Excellent work guys..
  2. Hi City boy and Conniff. To be honest I would prefer a full refund as I can book the flights now cheaper with Virgin than I paid. About £120 cheaper actually. the 4000 miles are worth about £40 but in order to use them before they expire I would need another 4000. As we only ever fly to Orlando the minimum miles is 8000. I could book 2 separate flights and use them for 2 of us travelling but you then risk been split up on the flight. Clear as mud
  3. Hi all...again, After my success through CAG with Interparcel and the tremendous help I received from you guys I thought I would have a go at Virgin Atlantic. I'll keep it short.. I booked a flight with Virgin to Orlando, they had two times on the date we were going 10:30 and 12:30. The 10:30 flight was £80 dearer for the 4 of us but decided it was worth it to get there 2 hours earlier, so we booked the flight. Some weeks later I received an e-mail saying" your flight has been cancelled and we have put you on the later flight" Not a problem but I think I should be refunded the £80 so I sent them an e-mail which took them 2 weeks to answer and basiclly said "TUFF LUCK" I then complained on their Facebook site and was given 4000 air miles for my trouble. I dont think this goes far enough. This is the forth time we have flown with them and have spent over £9000 in 3 years on flights with them. I am after the best address or e-mail address to write to to take this further any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys
  4. Received my cheque for the sink and for the original postage. I also got my eBay fees reversed so actually made about £50 more in the end. Thanks for all your help guys.
  5. Seems it has worked, my faith has been restored. e-mail received from Interparcel I am writing in regards to the above order placed with Interparcel. Firstly i would like to extend my apologies for all the inconvenience this has caused you. The item was disposed of at our head office not within the UPS system, this was disposed of because the item was damaged and sharps bits were protruding outwards which was too dangerous for staff to handle and therefore disposed of. We do advise customers prior to booking which items are restricted and are not suitable for the transit system and if sent will be at the customers own risk, this is also stated in our terms of use. It has been noted that this is your first claim and due to the circumstances we will process a claim in house as goodwill on this occasion. Please send on proof of sale/purchase and i will raise your claim. Kind Regards,
  6. I suspect they will but not pass it on to me. I have asked why they can't but have not received a reply. Mr Colaizzo did say he would involve them but not sure that means anything.
  7. Just had a phone call from Anthony Colaizzo Director of Operations UK & Ireland, very nice man but was told that because it was booked through Interparcel they are the customer and only they can claim. Dissapointed, I would have expected more and would have thought the Director of Operations UK & Ireland would have had some sort of persuasion. It's strange that UPS are happy for companies like Interparcel to ruin their reputation that they have taken years to build. Oh well.
  8. Same here, they broke my sink and discarded it and the fittings which I could have resold to recoup some costs. Just because it states somthing in their T&C's does not mean it is the law. Waiting for a response before I take it to MCOL.
  9. Letter sent to UPS Dear MrBarber I amwriting to you to express my dissatisfaction with the service I have receivedfrom your company and the brick wall I keep hitting every time I try to contactsomeone for a resolution. I sent aceramic sink and fittings to a customer last week, when the sink arrived it wasallegedly smashed and the receiver refused delivery. The sink and other partswere then, for some reason, returned to Interparcel the company I had made thebooking through. Apparently, they then “discarded” the sink and the otherfixtures and sent me a rather abrupt email that basically stated ‘tough luck’as ceramics are on their restricted items list so there was nothing they wereprepared to do. I cannotsee why compensation could not be paid by UPS as you were solely responsiblefor the package from point of collection to delivery and during this time thesink became damaged. When I try to contact UPS they refuse to engage in anydiscussion and state that I need to contact Interparcel and so it continues. Iam left with a loss of £172 (£144 for the sink and £28 for delivery), duesolely to UPS not providing a service they were paid to do. I hadexpected more from the world's largest and most prestigious delivery company,but the service I have received is far from this image portrayed. I wouldlike to invite you to rectify this and restore my faith in your company byimplementing the claim on my behalf. If UPS customer service will not respondto me, maybe they would listen to you. KindRegards
  10. Maybe they could, they have told me that I am only insured for loss and not damage. At the very least I should be reimbursed for the fittings and cost of delivery. Thanks Citizen.
  11. Thanks Rebel, I'll do it tomorrow and let you know how I get on.
  12. Hi all, Firstly apologies if this is posted in the wrong forum. Here's my dilema. I posted a sink through a company called interparcel, the sink was collected by UPS, unfortunately when it got to its destination it was broken and refused delivery by the receiver. The parcel was then returned to Interparcel and not to me as I thought it would have been. I contacted Interparcel and received the following e-mail. Thank you for taking the time to contact Interparcel. I am very sorry to notify you that your parcel has arrived damaged. Unfortunately shards of the sink had punctured the packaging, causing the contents to spill out of the box, making it unsafe to be carried in transit and we have disposed of the item. The item you have sent it is part of our restricted items list. With restricted items you can send them via our services but these items are sent at the customers own risk and are only covered for loss, not damage. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I have checked and it does indeed state ceramic items as restricted on Interparcel site but it does not mention it on UPS and they were the ones who dropped the sink. As you can see from the e-mail Interparcel have disposed of the sink but I have not had any proof that it was damaged, also there were fittings with the sink which I could have resold to recoup some of my losses but have not received these either. Would I have any sort of a claim through MCOL against either UPS or interparcel. THanks in advance
  13. HI all. Just starting a new claim on behalf of my Nephew after winning against Barclays. I'm just going through his Halifax statements and have noticed a number of items on his statement that say: ACCOUNT RENEWAL £*** ACCOUNT CLOSED ACCOUNT RENEWAL £*** Anyone know what this is? Thanks in Advance.
  14. Any mods looking, can you put me in the won section please. Tar!
  15. Hi moderators, can you put me in the succesfull claims forum, THanks
  16. I just called Barclays, and asked to speak to the person in charge of my claim, my court date is 18th JAN, he gave me a number to call and before I could pick the phone up again to call her, she rang me. Very nice lady apologised that she was snowed under at the moment but she would call me back later this week/early next week to discuss a settlement. FINGERS CROSSED:D
  17. Hey Welshman, I just called the number you gave in a previous thread, and asked to speak to the person in charge of my claim, my court date is 18th JAN, he gave me a number to call and before I could pick the phone up again to call her, she rang me. Very nice lady apologised that she was snowed under at the moment but she would call me back later this week/early next week to discuss a settlement. FINGERS CROSSED:D
  18. I will be watching with interest, Im going to pay off my Mortgage early and they want a £1500 redemption Charge. I will enjoy getting it back...
  19. reading this thread with interest as Iam about to pay off my mortgage , Nationwide want to charge me £1500 for this. Iam wondering if it is worth putting aletter together to ask them to drop the charge and state the relevant law cases in the letter telling them it is a penalty yada yada yada!!!. Also whwen I took ut the mortgage they charged me an LTV (loan to value ) fee of £40 a month. Do you think that this is recoverable or was that aservice rather than a penalty. Thanks in advance..
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