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  1. Thanks diamondgirl. BT hasn't worried me as it was just the attitude of the numpty who took the call. The doorstep collector from Moorcroft was a lovely lady who for the last 2 years always came in to chat with my mother who was bed bound and paralysed after her stroke. The stroke also affected my mothers speech. The collectors husband used to stay in their car as he too had survived a stroke but was able to walk and talk but got tired quickly. I think she understood that we were not dodging payment and genuinely couldn't pay the full amount. A few companies that my mother dealt with befo
  2. Thanks for the respones from everyone above. Your advice has been welcomed. Zimmie, as I read your post above, the postman delivered a letter from Carers Allowance advising they will continue payment for 8 weeks, and it was a welcome relief. I must say that the places to have been most helpful so far have been, Sky (allowing me to come out of 12 month agreement), T-Mobile, TV Licenceing (currently on s free licence as my mother was over 75 yrs old. They advised the free licence is still valid until September and it will change from then). Moorcroft doorstep collector for a M&
  3. Hello, My mother passed away a couple of weeks ago. I had been her full time carer for 3 years and lived with her 24/7. To cut my story short, I have various commitments which are still in contract, mobile phone, laptop (mobile broadband) etc.. How do I stand on getting these contracts ended or lowering my payments to these companies? The reason being I am now on £64 a week after losing Carers allowance and my mothers pension and Disability Living Allowance which kept us both reasonably comfortable. It's a reduction of £230 a week. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Same here. I now do not feel sick to the pit of my stomach when the post arrives. Is it just me or does everyone spend hours looking through the forums and posts here when you first find the site? Well done everyone.
  5. Just to say thanks to everyone who helps out on the forums here on CAG. So far, I have not solved anything, but I now have peace of mind after a very stressful few days before I found this site. I will be donating as soon as I can afford to. I have though written about this site on my website at (Edit) and linked directly to here. This is not a blatant plug for my new site, but to show how I can support CAG and suggest that anyone else here has a site/blog or homepage that they too plug CAG. Thanks again and good luck to everyone who needs help.
  6. Thanks for the info and help. Will get onto it first thing in the morning. This site is wonderful. I am going to direct people from my sites to this one and request that they donate. I will be donating as soon as I have the spare cash and as frequently as I can.
  7. After spending most of today looking at various posts her, I am wondering as my problem regards a bank account, if the letter I sent to Eversheds is the correct one?
  8. Thanks PGH7447. The debt is for charges on bank account for £495.66. From what I can make out it is all from one returned direct debit. I have tried discussing it with halifax over the last year, even sending them the social workers letter as requested, so they would discuss it with me. I thought all was eventually going well until Halifax advisors rang and would not discuss with me quoting DPA. Then, last month letters came from Albion and Eversheds within 2 days of each other, and I immediately responded to them.
  9. I will pop in more details soon, but basically have a problem whereby my mother who is paralysed and cannot talk after a stroke 3 years ago, is getting post from all 3 named companies, Halifax, Albion Collections and Eversheds for the same outstanding balance. Even after having conversations with Eversheds (very rude and unhelpful) inthe last 3 days and to whom I have sent a "I do not acknowledge any debt to your company" letter. We received a letter from Halifax today which states "If you have a problem with your agreement please try to resolve it with us in the first instance". Evershed
  10. Cheers. I will follow your example and ring them tomorrow. They left me so angry today and yesterday. Now I hope to get sweet revenge.
  11. Slightly off subject here, but, sillygirl1, are you aware that you can ask them to stop telephoning. If they call again they have breached the regulations of telephony supply and their calls are classed as mallicious. Cannot quote directly where to find this, but it was in the back of an old BT directory I read a few years ago. Did you find that the staff at Eversheds just tend to shout and be rude? Surely there are rules on how they must deal with customers or clients?
  12. Letter mentioned above sent by Special Delivery this afternoon. Will update as things proceed. It would be nice to know how things went with the original poster too.
  13. Thank goodness I found this site. I have a letter from Eversheds regarding a problem with my mothers Halifax account. I rang Eversheds disputing anything is owed, and they were so rude. Basically my mother had a stroke and cannot speak and is paralysed and bedbound. At first they would not speak to me, so I said I have a Social Services letter I can fax through to them asking for permission to speak to me. I asked if they could give me the fax number. I was told "You have a letter from us, the fax number is on there." End of call. I have had 2 further calls one very rude and a
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