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  1. Keeping the car is a no go unfortunately, I can't trust it.
  2. Warrantywise and I have been reimbursed for the short fall that I paid that the warranty didn't cover.
  3. Thank you for your patience and the information you have provided. If he comes back to me asking me to repair it can I refuse and still push for a refund? I really want rid of this car now
  4. So I have just heard back from the garage and the timing belt needs replacing, I emailed the dealer rejected the car and asked for a refund, he is asking for diagnostic from the latest problem. Do I need to provide it or can I just reject it and leave the ball in their court?
  5. Via bank transfer. They had a building with a good selection of cars inside.
  6. They had a building with a good selection of cars inside.
  7. So purchased 28th of August, bmw 325i for £8795. Came with a 3 month warranty wise warranty. Test drove it and it was good. Problems started the day after purchase when cold, taken to Bartlett automotive in Peterborough for diagnostic of rough idle, loss of power spotty acceleration. Spark plug, injector and coil pack on cylinder 4 replaced. While in the garage the footwell control module failed and had to be replaced. Due to bmw having problems with supply I had to wait 1 1/2 weeks to get it back. I phoned (recorded) 26th of September complainin
  8. They have stamped the book with their own stamp, but they did not perform the service, instead took the word of the previous owner that it had been done by the previous owner. The seller is Anslow Autos https://www.anslowautos.co.uk/
  9. Hi, I'm more concerned about the stamping of the service book than anything. Is this not fraud? I will update with the details once I get home.
  10. Hello, I have recently purchased a car at the end of August and have had a lot of problems with it. I sent an email to the dealer with pictures of faulty service parts such as a crushed blocked oil filter, and black thick oil. When I received a reply they told me that the previous owner had carried out the service and that they had taken his word for it and stamped the book on his behalf. It was supposed to have been serviced 3000 miles ago but the garage manager (bmw specialist) said there is no way it has been serviced in a long time. My question is, can the d
  11. Hey guys, well it has been a month since I filed my defence 25/09/2015 and nothing has happened, what should be my next move? or do I just wait? Thanks.
  12. Hey guys, received a letter from solicitors today. We have received your defence. We are taking our client's instructions in relation to your defence and will come back to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, the matter has been placed on hold. Should I expect to hear any more from them or is this them giving up?
  13. Thanks for the replies you are great! Just checked on equifax, nothing on there. I had an experian account last year and there was nothing on there. I am 100% certain I have not made a payment nor acknowledged the debt since before 2006 so I'm gonna do it! Thanks for giving me the confidence to do this guys x
  14. OK, sorry for being dense its just way outside my comfort zone. Will file defense now thanks for bearing with me Should I reply to the above letter about the documents, I don't have any so it wouldn't hurt surely? And do I need to write to the court if im going to file?
  15. Hi, thanks for the reply. I have done the Acknowledgment and I also sent a CPR31.14 request to the solicitor and today I received A reply here it is . We confirm our client is willing to agree to the extension of 28 days, for you to file your defense. Pursuant to CPR 15.5(2) please notify the court in writing of the agreement. CPR 31.14 relates to a right to inspect a document and can be distinguished from standard disclosure of evidence during the course of proceedings. We believe that you may have already "inspected" the documents to which you make reference because on v
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