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  1. Hi Guys New here and looking for some advice as seen some really wonder brains here. I have served my notice to my landlord that I am going to vacant his property after a month. Being here for aprox 2 years. Now I know he never protected my deposit despite reminding him several time, despite no major issues, he never provided gas safety certificates ever as well. There was no inventory when we moved in. Now the problem is that I am bit hesitant to pay my last rent, I know this is completely wrong, and I have never done it, but the only reason is that landlord said replied to me after my notice, that he want house in perfect condition and upon inventor he will return my deposit.. Another issue here is that there was mould in the toilet ceiling, which he fixed once, now it appears again, and since there is no inventory, he can charge me to fix this again as previously he blamed that to us as well that we don't keep windows open, we must open our windows (which are single glazed btw.) Anyway, long story short, just need an advice, shall I pay him the rent and hope that he will refund the full deposit or simply withhold it to avoid complications. Thanks for your time Amg
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