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  1. Although no name of a process server was given , there was an address and I think I've worked out just who the firm of process servers are & they are licensed. Although the address given appears to be an serviced office address which many business's use. Just an update... I've sent off my CCA yesterday & tracking shows it's been delivered today. On with my set aside and complaint to OFT.
  2. That's interesting as the letter was very vague, no process server name or company, no CCL number, just an address and mobile number.
  3. Hi Crapstone, I've pm'd you more details. Thanks.
  4. Thankyou Babybear39. CCA done , now on with set aside stat demand. Unfortunately I doubt it is statute barred but not far off in the grand scheme of things. I wonder if 1st credit will have the statements & files from my cc company in order to prove it's not statute barred. I expect they will have.
  5. I've just found an old statement and a letter from the original credit card I reckon I'm about a year off statute barred. I'll have to forget about the statute barred thingy & just continue with set aside and CCA.
  6. Thanks 42man. Just a thought, am I better off sending a statute barred letter because I have not contacted them or made any payments in what must be close to six years ? Does the fact that they have still been sending demands in this period mean that it is not statute barred ? I thought statute barred was if I hadn't acknowledged the debt in anyway in six years regardless of the DCA's attempts to contact me. Or perhaps, request a CCA and send statute barred letter together stating I'm requesting CCA because I believe this debt is statued barred unless you can prove otherwis
  7. I'm concerned about signing the CCA as I've heard these clowns forge documents. what should I do ? just print name ?
  8. Thanks , on with CCA now to catch todays post, then will read about set aside. Mr_mill is nothing relating to my own name - got that one covered, cheers.
  9. Firstly thanks again to ODC, 42man, seminole & angel_1. This has been going on so long I'm kinda past the fearful & worrying stage & just live with it but I'm postitive about getting it all sorted out. I'm going to read all this information try to set aside the demand and also CCA them. I shall also complain about their practices because I believe they used the first S/D 2 years ago as scare tactics & the process server has been knocking on neighbours doors to ascertain if I live at the address which I think could be considered as publicly embarassing for me.
  10. OK will do. I haven't looked into the process of setting aside, so I'll do some digging on this website and see what I can find. I was thinking disputing the amount of the debt as grounds to set aside.
  11. Thankyou for your reply ODC. I'm happy that I've found this forum and I'm ready to take them on ! As of yet I have not CCA'd this debt. Can I do this even though I've received an S/D ? Is my best course of action to set aside by disputing the debt and then send off for CCA ?
  12. Hi All, This is my first post & any help is greatly appreciated. After about 7/8 years of being in debt it's time to lift this weight as things seem to be taking a more seriuos turn. I have various debts as a result of trying to keep alive a failing business by funding it with credit cards, bad move ! I now realise that but as we all know credit was easy to get ! I had banks throwing money at me, increasing my limits and there we have it, things quickly escalated and I found myself unable to service all my credit cards / loans. The business failed and I was left with cr
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