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  1. Well the demand was for £100 with a posable added charge of £30 court fee and £50 solicitors fee all a load of balloni i think cant see what actual losses that they incured in the first place the car was not causing any obstruction or preventing the flow of traffic did not have to tow or clamp did not give it a wash and wax they did take a pic. but not really good enough to hang on the wall so really the only expence is sending the invoices ans postage.,,,,, oh and the £2 to dvla:oops:
  2. I think it was the look of the red letter she said it looked official and was worried about incuring more charges i explained its just junk mail its just a way to bully you to pay up. I have just been reading through the threads about the changes that have come in from 1st october cant belive the gov is condoning this and supporting these cowboys but then again when dvla are raking in around 5m a year for providing peoples personal data to them it helps pay for the subsidised bar in parliment dont it .
  3. Just to update on this my friend recived the red letter FINAL DEMAND PRIOR TO COURT ACTION but think they may have shot themselves in the foot they say for stopping on a roadway where stopping is prohibited. If the vehical was stopping it was still in motion therefore it was not parked so how can they issue a Parking Charge ......anyhow the usual threats on it failure to pay results in court action ,bailifs,come and take your telly + dvd player your going to add more charges court fees solicitors fees ect ect. my friend wanted to pay but i have convinced her to wait them out she was not the dr
  4. Thanks all for the replys to my post after reading other victims horror stories on here i am surprised the gov. past and present have not done anything to stop these people causing so much misery.....oh but wait a min. forgot silly me ... if they get a ticket they pay up and claim it back on there expencess ...........will keep you all updated
  5. No its liverpool airport i will search for the threads if its the same cowboys thx
  6. Thats what i was thinking was just a bit concerned with it being the approach road to the airport they have not long introduced this no stoping /parking on the approach roads.... that is so you pay the parking fees inside the airport ......so your saying dont even submit an appeal just find an empty box for the letters to come ??
  7. Hi all looking for a little help, a friend has recived this pcn she only stopped for 2 min on the approach road to the airport she was picking someone up but running late so the person started to walk then my friend saw him and stopped and picked him up. Do you think this charge is legal she cant really afford to pay this amount my friend is the reg. keeper but was not the driver her daughter in law was driving but she was present in the car any help appreciated thx.
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