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  1. Hi , Has anyone heard of a company called repaircare? This company is an online appliance repair company for a fixed fee they claim to diagnose and repair your appliance. My personal experience is that they diagnosed the repair and an engineer called to fix my appliance, but then he claims its still not working and leaves me waiting for another call out to complete the job! My online job number now states that the job has been completed and they have taken full payment for work thay have not done. I called them tonight only to be told the parts required are no longer available! If you have n
  2. Hello all long time no response eh! After sending the SAR to Citifinancial Europe Plc back in October i have now received a responce as follows:- "To comply with regulatory requirements, we retain records of closed accounts for 6 years after which they are securely destroyed. Your account was closed more than 6 years ago and is therefore no longer on our records, so we are unable to provide you with any data". Just to put the icing on the cake they didn't even return my £10 postal order! I am now under the impression that i need to write to the post office to confirm if the P/O has b
  3. Hi Aviva, thanks for getting back to me. The breakdown of service charges is on the actual agreement, when i get anything in the way of a statement or breakdown from the landlords they just refer to "service charges" it is never broken down. Only after i qeuried it with them did they send a paper showing all of the cost of service charge under gardening.The actual service charges are included within the rent payment and have been paid in full to date. I hope this shed a little more light on things, any help or advice is really appreciated.
  4. Hi, I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this? I have an Assured non shorthold tenancy agreement with a housing association dated and signed by both them and myself in 2001. This agreement clearly states a service charge for gardening and TV aerial. Anyway to cut a long story short after querying the aerial which has not been connected since before 2001( i have cable) i requested a refund of the service charge.my landlord has now stated that there is a mistype/error on the tenancy agreement and the aerial is not included. Personally i think they are just trying to avoid having to
  5. Just an update, since my complaint i have heard nothing from 1st credit although the OFT have notified me - "We will take into account the further information you have helpfully given us as we continue to monitor this trader’s fitness to hold a credit licence." I have also sent a SAR to the OC and am just counting down the days for a reply. Boo
  6. Just a quick update i adapted a SAR sent 22/10/09 and this was signed for as received on 30/10/09 so I'm now just counting down the 40 days to see what they come up with?
  7. The plot thickens.... good luck! not that you'll need it by the sound of things the boot is on the other foot now eh LOL:)
  8. I'm a little worried over who this is actually,it appears that this fella has run up over £500 in ladies oversized underwear!!!
  9. OOOppppss I have just opened my post from this AM and mistakenly opened a letter sent to my address, but for some bloke who has never lived here? Could this be fraud or just Fredrickson Fishin? This is for a debt with a catalogue. Any suggestions on how i can get them to do thier job properly, find his correct address and stop them writing to mine? Cheers Boo
  10. Hi all Just subbing, i also wanted to add a little good news to all, a responce ive had from OFT after a complaint concerning a certain notorious DCA's harrassment and threats. Thier response reads:- I acknowledge receipt of your permission to disclose slip received on October 2009. We will take into account the further information you have helpfully given us as we continue to monitor this trader’s fitness to hold a credit licence. Thank you once again for taking the time to write to us about this matter and giving us permission to disclose your complaint details. Considerin
  11. Hi littlefatbuddah, I'm not 100% but I am pretty sure that there is also something that states once you have paid over a certain amount of the total, they can no longer repossess it. It may be worth looking into and i'm sure someone with a little more knowledge than myself can correct me if i'm wrong? Good Luck!
  12. That is well worth thinking about, as they have already stated that the agreement is not available from the OC. I was going to see what i get back from the SAR then i will go this route, after all even if they can provide all of or only the last 6 yrs statement, this will show my payments from 2005 and then nothing at all before that. do you know of any other way i could prove this if they argue the point?
  13. Hi Diddydicky, To be totally honest i really dont know now,On my old Associate accounts my last payments were made in 2000 which would fall within the 6yrs and is why i paid from 2005 but now i find that the account numbers on these accounts are not the one 1st credit/citifinancial are chasing. I have no OC paperwork containing the account reference number, all i have is several DCA letters. This is really weird as i had 11 debts back in 1999/2000 and i still have at least the last few statements of every single one of them. I have even kept the ones that have been paid in full, statute barr
  14. Am i correct in thinking that if they have no agreement and they pass the account to a 3rd party or CRA, would this still be considered a breach of data protection? If they dont have your agreement they dont have your permission to process your data.Or am i just wishfull thinking?
  15. Thanks Silverfox, I have gone back over all the letters even before 1st credit. over mar/apr 2003 i rec'd 5 letters from different DCA's all quoting the client ref (eg 8859) but my account ref's (eg 8856 and 4508) are totally different.the 5th letter introduced 1st as the client and citi as the debt but went on to say that the debt had been formally assigned to thier client by Citi. I have also found out my papers from CAB in 2000 where they listed all DCA's,addresses, acc no's totals etc of every debt i had. This account number is nowhere to be seen not even a resemblence or transposed figu
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