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  1. Excellent ideas. ok, I'll write the letter but in the meantime if I can get BT to cancel SMS that would be great. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I failed to re-register a scrapped car as SORN so I incurred an £80 fine.. OK, fair enough I thought and paid the fine. It was late but I paid it. However, I am receiving threatening letters and two SMS messages per day to my landling - which means the phone rings and I get a robotic voice spelling out the message. I tried calling Phillips but I have never managed to get through to an agent (every option just asks you for your credit card number). I tried emailing the contact address on their website but nothing has changed. How can I deal with this automated nightmare? Phillips is like a debt collection Terminator. It cannot be reasoned with and it absolutely will not stop... I now dread the sound of my own telephone Thanks for any help.... Miles
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