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  1. I've recently received letters from a collection agency, but I've ignored them because I know I owe no debts. The letters don't say how much is owed, or who it is owed to. They just state "Utility company" The last letter was a bit more threatening, asking me to contact them, so I decided to look at my credit score online and noticed a utility company has been doing checks every year or so for the past 3 years. The address they're searching against is one I moved out of in 2007. I have a bad feeling that the debt is from that property. I moved out of the property (I was on
  2. Does the lack of replies mean I have no hope of clearing this default?
  3. I've finally received the requested documents from Natwest - although the default notice itself hasn't been included. From reading through the records of contact on their system, it all seems a bit of a mess to be honest, so it would be great if anyone could help me in sorting it out. Here are the relevant enteries from their records: 20/04/05 Ad-hoc letter Default Notice MTA Nottingham 20/04/05 Ad-hoc letter Cr Ref Letter- Nottingham 20/04/05 Review formal demand sent £1972.34 24/04/05 Call from customer still having problems with student loans company. Have advised
  4. Sorry to keep bothering you guys. I've now written a SAR but I'm uncertain if I should put a time scale in i.e. please reply within 30 days etc. Is this what should be done?
  5. I called the debt collectors regarding the account number, but they couldn't help. They did give me a number and client reference for natwest collections department though and so I called them. And what a hastle! The guy I spoke to was reluctant to give me the information, asking me why I wanted it and what I would do with the documentation when I sent for it. He also read out what was on their system and none of it made sense. In June 2005 natwest honoured a rent cheque for 1800 even though I was at the limit of my overdraft. Student loans company hadn't paid the money in yet, so
  6. Thanks for all the help Alpha! I'm going to give them a call today. More more question. I've now recieved my credit score from Experian, Callcredit and Equifax: 02-09-2009 Experian 578 02-09-2009 Callcredit 748 02-09-2009 Equifax 498 Why are the scores so vastly different? As Equifax has a Default recorded, I can understand why that is so terrible. But Both quifax and Experian, when checking through my history with them, have no recording of my credit history over the past 3-4 years. Callcredit have, which is why my score is decent with them. Is there a
  7. I'm not sure I have any details from that far back, but I will have a look. I do have all the letters from the collection agency, would they have any record of the account number? If so, would they actually give it up?
  8. Sadly, the Default has little information against it in the report: Account holder name: Mr Christopher xxxxxxxx Date of birth: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Company type: Bank Account type: Current Account Last updated: 18th June 2008 Current balance: Account closed on 07/01/2006 Credit limit: Not Applicable Opening balance: £0.00 Account start date: 25th September 2002 Regular payment amount: Not Applicable Number of repayments: Not Applicable Repayment frequency: Monthly Worst Status: Default Is this something I should flag up with Equifax?
  9. Hi Alphageek, thanks for the prompt reply! Natwest closed my account in Jan 2006 - when the Satisifed was put against the default. Would they still hold the required information? If so, would I need to find my account number from that time? Is a DSAR as the note from this thread?: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/190251-subject-access-request-template.html Sorry if these are basic questions, this is all new to me.
  10. Hi all, I'm hoping someone here can help me. Recently I've applied for a few things which required credit checks and have been refused on all of them, even though the most expensive one was a £15 a month phone tariff. To find out what was going on I used checkmyfile to get me my credit reports from all agencies. All came back fine, apart from Equifax. Equifax has a default notice against me from Decenmeber 2005. It's from a student bank account I had with natwest. Apart from this Default in December 2005, and then a settled/satisfied in Jan 2006, there is no other information recorde
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