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  1. I CCA'd Capitol one via recorded delivery over a month ago and heard nothing back even though according to my proof of delivery it says its been delivered. Got a default letter today, have phoned Cap one to ask them were my CCA is and all you get is the bloke in Mumbai asking if I would very much like to make a payment. Are they allowed to send me a default notice, as I thought the CCA request rendered the argeement in dispute if they couldnt produce it? Or do I need to send a in dispute letter? Any help would be gratefully received.
  2. Haven't CCA requested them yet but they wrote to me today to say my account has been closed and asked me to cut the card up and return it in the pre paid envelope provided. Shame they hadn't provided one so Ill be keeping it then. Numpties!
  3. Wrote to Barclay Card, Capitol one and Halifax with CCA requests, had Halifax since 2005 so am hopeful of there inability to produce a CCA. Thanks for all the help .Will do Egg as soon as I get chance
  4. Cheers Scott, out of my four credit cards only one is pre 2007! Sorry for all the questions but what happens to my credit rating if they decide that I dont have to pay them back if the CCA is unenforeablce, does it show that I refused to pay it back? My credit is pretty shot anywho but thought Id ask. Thanks again
  5. Thanks Maroon, and Vic. I appreciate it. I have Albion chasing me for money today. They have an old address ( 2 years out of date in fact ) for me but a current phone number and I only gave them my new address so the bloke couldn't find my account, quoted Data protection and he shouldnt be talking to me etc. I cant seem to find an address for Halifax/Albion to send a CCA request to? Also what relevance is 2007 to the agreement? are they less likely to have the CCA or something of that ilk?
  6. Probably quite alot, but exact amounts I couldnt tell you. Why? , is this something I should be claiming back aswell?
  7. Thanks Vic, If I ask for my agreement and they produce it will that affect my chances of sorting out a payment plan later on with them? If for example my CCA comes back and its not worth the paper its written on then what happens?
  8. First time poster long time troll.... Long story short, have four credit cards that I am struggling to pay off. Have contacted them all and have set up reduced payments plans etc. Had been paying egg 50 quid a month as part of the arrangement, then get a letter from Capitol Credit Agency acting on behalf of Egg ( part of Egg so the lad on the phone tells me ) Apparently Egg havent got an arrangement in place and want to go through my I and E and set something up. I find it slighty rubbish that Egg 'cant' find the call or have lost my I and E paperwork. What of the following do I do 1
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