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  1. Wrote a letter to Moorcroft basically outlining the above, Along the lines of what are you doing writing to me, my debt is with RBS/AA Loans. Also one basically saying leave the phone calls out please And got back We acknowledge there receipt of the above correspondence and have put you account on hold whilst we communicate with our client and we will let you know the outcome. Thats fine but Im wondering what the AA?RBS will say. Anyone else had a similar letter and what they got next?
  2. Fair question, Same reason everybody is disputing there debts on here I guess. The debt is squarely mine but whilst I pay IF a fix amount every month and havent deviated from it for almost a year I think I live in the hope that they wont produce my CCA and they'll disappear and forget about me. Im kidding myself I know but it doesnt hurt to try. I spent the money and whilst I could go bankrupt or do an IVA I should pay it back and 'man up' as it were.... Is that what you were getting at or have I missed the point?
  3. This is one of my very first cards and I did ask the nice young lady when I rang and from memory its from 2005.
  4. Sorry for posting this here as its not strictly supposed to be here but the IF section is quiet and wanted a response. Have CCA'd IF for my Credit card, they responded with a Recon agreement, I sent a letter saying this wasn't acceptable and then got this back and I'm thoroughly confused as what to do next! http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/durtydurtydurty/Docs/773c17cc.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y267/durtydurtydurty/Docs/b0b1e22e.jpg Where next?
  5. Sorry to drag up an old thread, but Im having exactly the same problem, sent them a CCA which they responded to and then a account in dispute letter and have now hit a brick wall with letters the same as yours where they wont answer it without my signature. Even though I put a signature and covered it with a 'Anti tamper ' thingy they still wont have it and now Im 28 days away from default. What did you end up doing?
  6. Hi to both of you and thank you both for your input. Its nice to get some feedback, in the wilderness that is debt! Firstly I am keeping my end of the bargain up and paying what I'd said I'd pay and havent missed a payment. With the NOA Im guessing it would be quite an obvious thing and I'd know if i'd got it etc. Ill draft a letter up to both Moorcroft and RBS and see where I get.
  7. Thanks for the swift response Firstly whats an NOA? First letter was just asking for me to contact them, which I duly ignored. Then get this one and as far as Im aware Ill keep dealing with AA/RBS until they tell me otherwise! Would a bemused letter to moorcroft be constructive ( should read, shall I write moorcroft with a bemused letter just to wind them up )
  8. Sorry to keep spamming my own thread, but once again I included a letter with my signature and the anti tamper strip etc and got the same letter back, please send us a copy of your passport or drivers licence, this lot don't give up. Anyone else find Cap1 hard work? and what did you do?
  9. Evening all, I owe the AA best part of 9k in loan agreement I took out a few years ago, the money was obviously put up by RBS, and when I fell on hard times I contacted the AA regarding this and have an agreement with them to pay a sum of money every month that I can manage. They are happy with this etc, started getting letters from Moorcroft and got another one today basically saying we acknowledge receipt of your payment of £xx but we are now responsible for this debt so please contact us with an offer of repayment before we instruct lawyers to come and get you! etc etc. Fair
  10. It was from 2008 so it looks like they win this one!! Bugger.
  11. Hi, I know you're not disrespecting it! Im not that sensitive! Hopefully someone will come along with more experience that us and tell us what to do
  12. Mine is for a credit card dating back to 2008. My signature has been replaced by a tick box thingy ( this is instead of a signature ) is basically what it says. Yours?
  13. Right bit of an update on egg responding to my CCA request. Had a standard letter saying that they have enclosed my agreement and that I should continue to make payments yadda yadda. But the agreemtne they have sent was obviously done on-line as rather than a signature there is a box I have ticked and below it says ( This is instead of providing your signature ) Almost looks like a screen print off of a PC or something. Are they allowed to have a tock box rather than a signature?
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