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  1. Hi Hope you can point me in the right direction here. I live in Scotland and today i had a nice gentlemen round at my house representing Glasgow City Council saying because i hadnt paid a 60 pounds parking ticket i now owe them 278.65p if payment is not made within 14 days there taking my car? I am the owner of the car but i gave the car on loan that day to a friend who must have parked it on a double yellow line. Am guessing i have to pay this and then get the money off my friend is that what i do?
  2. Thats correct i filled in the form detailing the drivers details.so its not up to me then to get all these thing i was just thinking i would have to get him to email me all the proof etc so i dont have to. Thanks for letting me know so quickly
  3. Hi I was given a letter through the door for my car speeding i sent it back telling them i wasnt the driver and gave them the address of the driver who lives in Canada. Can the police still hold me accountable for the offence my car is fully insured and my cousins car insurance covered him to drive the car will i have to produce his documents to a police station?
  4. I had the same issue when i had a hired car you have nothing to worry about.
  5. I remember somthing about this i am so sorry for your loss and i know words cant do much consider this signed and i shall get all other members of staff to do it also where i work.
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows if this law applies in Scotland and if so does this mean that i can refuse to pay any tax,fine,and any other forms of monies to support and or benefit said unlawful governance of this country? under article 61 of Magna Carta 1215. Am just curious as to why this law is never really mentioned in anyway i watched on youtube a very intresting court arguement part 1 part 2 Has anyone on this thread attempted this arguement or have they been locked up for doing so?
  7. I understand,since i never signed any contract stipulating that i agree to them having english law (jurisdiction) i guess that isnt an arguable defence for jurisdiction is it? Lord Clarke "the moral of the story is to agree first and to start work later" I am just slightly upset about them knowing the fact that the goods where returned due to damage and TNT still want me to pay for delivery and uplift. The gentlemen who got the goods is willing to go to court to testify on my behalf.
  8. should i mention under 1.5 the general rules in civil jurisdiction and judgments act 1982 is unchanged with regards to article 2 of the brussels convention which is schedule 1 to the act rule: subject to the provisions of this convention,persons domicilied in a contracting state shall, whatever their nationality,be sued in courts of that state this being scotland? Also mention section 41 of the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982 i shall do this and let you know the outcome and thanks
  9. hi muppetspotter, Do you have the details of what judge,date,st albans county court v U, when they first ruled in your favour?
  10. I did fill in the forms about damage and loss but TNT are saying its not there fault as the person who signed for Delivery didnt write on the note checked or unchecked. Thanks for your input in this matter, i am a bit bemused as to why they have not raised the action in Scotland? I think i shall just pay it after reading what that other guy went through its hardly worth the hassle.
  11. Hi I have got a letter from a court in England telling me that TNT have started proceedings againest me for none payment of £400. If i dont serve a fully particularised defence to the claim then the English court has Judgment. The thing is i live in Scotland and its to far for me to travel there to defend myself basically TNT delivered some goods for me and i got compliants that the goods where damaged and i had to refund and then get the goods uplifted so i refused to pay TNT there bill. I dont understand if i live in Scotland why isnt the Case being heard here,should i j
  12. Hi, My wife bought a car that was just over 3 years old from a large retail car dealers. She had to come in with car insurance so they could check to make sure she was legal to drive so no problem there at her end. So away she goes with the car it has now come to my attention after having the car for over a month when i went to get her road tax that the car has not had an MOT even before she bought the car. How can a car dealer sell you a car with no MOT and let you drive it on the public roads? My wife has never broken the law in her life so as you can imagin
  13. Hi, (Drum Roll) I have now offically reached stage 3 Stage One we want £75.00 off you Dear Sir/Madam, With regards to your Parking fine "I refer to the above Parking Notice and subsequent warning letter demanding payment of a penalty charge several months later. You state in your correspondence that terms and conditions were 'clearly and prominently displayed' on your client’s premises and therefore the inference is that by entering your client’s premises the driver of a vehicle has a legal obligation to abide by, and pay any charges incurred, under the terms and condi
  14. Hi Yadagi, As you will see some people choose to ignore others will use the template letters in here. I decided to not ignore and attack back but its your call you have to decided can you be bothered with letters back and fourth or do you want to get on with your life and ignore the fools. Remember that they have to prove who was the driver not the other way about so ignore works well
  15. Update it has now been several weeks and not a PEEP from them am starting to feel left out I have laminated the threats from these SHARKS and put them up on my wall with my letter of responses Was hoping to fill at least oneside of my wall Might go to KFC this Sunday and then go Tenpin bowling and accidently leave my car in the KFC carpark Maybe somthing will come tomorrow in the post from them i hope
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