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  1. Thanks for the responses, sound advice from both, I'll post up the outcome when I get responses back. I'm liking the no nonsense approach of the SAR, so hopefully that will work. Thanks All LetUsBegin
  2. Thanks for your response SFU, I was thinking about one other thing on this. I have'nt actually had a cca from egg or DLC, so I think while I will reply to Fredrickson with your points below, I should also SAR egg, which I have'nt done yet, just to get the information out of them once and for all. I was hesitant in doing this before, as I moved address about a year ago, and DLC traced me, now Fredrickson have also traced me. I figured I didn'nt wan't to contact egg directly with my new address, so as not to confirm the fact that I moved without telling them. The plan was to get them to co
  3. Update, I got a letter today from FredrickSon International Limited, stating Letter before action, and pay full amount in seven day's etc. Give away first line states 'Our Client Egg Banking PLC.' This suggests they are acting on behalf of egg and have not bought the debt. I intend to send the account in dispute letter, but thinking if I should cca them also? It did'nt seem to make a difference with direct legal and collections, also not sure on the actual status of the account, i.e. if idefaulted the account with one DCA, does this carry over to the next one. Or do I have to start from s
  4. Yes you could be right SFU, the upcoming court case, if it swings in our favour will probably force egg to completely change their approach with us. Of course if it does'nt then... It's hard not to speculate seeing as it will have such a massive impact on probably thousands of people, and also egg themselves. One often wonders whether the case will be dealt with purely based on the facts or whether the economic climate etc will sway the decision, I guess only time will tell. LetUsBegin
  5. Update: DLC Muppets after receiving my latest letter re, account in dispute due to lack of CCA, have sent a letter saying they are closing the case, and passing back to egg to resume collection... Still banging on about law states you must contact the original creditor. So now I guess egg are going to send the account to another DCA, to try and collect or possibly a solicitor, but we'll see. LetUsBegin
  6. Hey Thanks Seriously fed up, Those are great points, I will do as you suggested, when I eventually get the documents through. LetUsBegin
  7. Hi All, After sending the first letter, i.e. request and then subsequent cca default letter after 12 + 2. I now want to send the below account in dispute letter to DLC, who seem to be trying their best to ignore my request. At least if it goes to court, I can prove that I took the necessary steps to obtain the information from them. Please could someone have a look at the letter below, and let me know of any points I should add or and other comments would be greatly appreciated. " Reminder for request for copy of alleged credit agreement under Section 77/78 of the ConsumerCredit
  8. Hi Thanks for the response and advice. I don't wan't to cca egg directly, as the DLC will keep bashing me from one side whilst I use the other arm to battle egg. If egg send me a duff cca and I dispute this with egg, I think DLC will just ignore and keep attacking, and may have egg also at me too. I prefer just going back at DLC as they are legally obligated to provide the CCA since they are chasing the debt. The problem with my approach, is that egg could instruct legal action, at which point I still don't have the cca, and therefore no defence. Even if I prove to the jud
  9. I think that's a brilliant idea Gazab41, a gigantic collaborative boot up their backsides!
  10. Hi All, Please could I have some advice on the following situation. I have an egg credit card from Feb 2004, outstanding balance circa 6.5k. Last year around June, they put me on a reduced payment plan, i.e. froze interest for 6 months up until Dec 2008, due to financial difficulty. I completed this successfully, but recently due to further financial difficulty I've had problems meeting the monthly payments and missed a couple around April to July and some payment's have been below the minimum amount. Around July this year I checked my credit score and found they had issued a DN (no
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