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  1. Hi guys, this may take a moment or two to explain the situation I'm in so if you will please bare with me. I'm a member of a student household with 4 other people, we are renting from a landlord who has over 50 student properties. We signed the contract in July and so basically took over the lease from the people before. The house was with EDF for gas and electric but at the beginning of September our landlord moved all his properties to Utilities Warehouse, and we were told we would have to pay a final bill from EDF for August, and were told it would be miniscule, because the house was u
  2. Hey guys, So, I rang BT again and the re-activation fee issue was resolved. Turns out the inability to find our house on the system was the cause of the problem. Our road turns out to be split in to two postcodes and I was incorrectly given the wrong one by our landlord, so when I gave this postcode to BT first time around they found no house under that postcode and number, so had to create a record for it and therefore there was no evidence of their being a BT landline under that house number and postcode. Well when I phoned up today I was informed of this different postcode by the
  3. Hey guys, I'm in desperate need of assistance. Basically I am a student about to move in to a house with 4 other people, we have decided to go with BT for phone so I did a bit of research. The tenants before us were with BT for telephone themselves, and their contract came to an end when they moved out in July, I was made aware of the fact that if there were any problems with the phone line, and/or there was no dial tone that we would have to pay an activation fee of £122.50 or thereabouts. Then I read this on the BT website - "If the premises has had telephone service from BT
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