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  1. Gary, For the prelom hearig, do I need Mr Ortons letter? Thanks for all the help to everone.
  2. Please can GaryH put a copy of the letter from the gentleman named above thro to me please. We are going to court next week and it would be very good to have that one 'in hand'. Thanks to al.
  3. Please, where can I find a copy of Mr M artin Orton's letter as refered to in the 'Got a Court Date' please GaryH Thanks
  4. we dumped them after months of wasted time.WE are in court next month
  5. we used this gentleman starting Aug last year. He is totally overwelmed with work so he takes months. Then I'm afraid he comes up with sujections form the bank on what the money claimedcould be. Went from £75 to 31150 to £1300 and he thought it may be a good offer. Claiming £2600. WEe thanked him for his not to good efforts and are in court 8th May.
  6. In the Witness Statment (in para 16), recently shown on site there was mention of a letter from Mr Martin Orton of Lloyds customer care dept stating that charges existed 'in order that we can recoup our costs'. Any idea where and how I can get hold of a copy please. Thanks anyone.
  7. having used the FOB we were so disapointed with their effort we decided to go alone, with help from a certain web site. go for it alone its more fun with gain in sight.
  8. well i've done it at last. shot the letter for £2600 for my christmas present from mr lloyd. i wonder what my chances are. it would be good for the new year. Incidentally, happy new year to the gentlemen who run this site. thank you al./
  9. Just going to start the first stap in doing battle with Lloyds. Seems very complicated though. Regards to all.
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