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  1. Hi everyone recieved a letter of Graham White Solicitors today. NOTICE OF INTENDED LEGAL ACTION. It also goes on about judgements and effects it will have on obtaining credit and bailiffs blah blah blah and so on. Can anyone enlighten me? I presume this is the standard letter I was expecting. Has anyone ignored these letters?
  2. Ignore! I'm a bit further down the line than you for a ticket also at the peel centre.
  3. Roxburghe Debt Collectors certainly sound like a right bunch of cowboys. After a bit of research Im expecting a letter of a Graham White solicitors to.
  4. Got a letter today of Roxburghe debt collectors on behalf of Excel Parking. Has anyone else heard off these people or know anything about them?
  5. Got my final demand prior to court action today!
  6. Ignore them it is then, I take you have all had similar experiences with these crooks?
  7. Have recieved my first letter from excel today stating that I now owe them £100 and if not paid within 7 days proceeding will be taken against me. They also quote £30 court fees and £50 solicitors fees. Respond or just ignore. I feel like I need to send them at least one letter basically telling them to **** off!
  8. Also I have been back to the carpark and their signs state that failing to display a ticket will result in a £100 pound charge, does this mean that they could take u to court? as the charges are on the sign so part of the so called contract
  9. How do we know when they have given up? Expecting a letter very soon. Thinking of replying saying I was not the driver and am not prepared to tell them who was, also that I will not be replying to any future letters or threats that I suspect they may send so they might aswell stop waisting there time and my time.
  10. How bizare, My friend has just been done on the same car park. Ive explained to him not to pay so im quite proud that ive recruited my first anti Excel member. Can Excel or the land owner make a request for the 50p parking ticket, which i believe is all they are entitled to? Id be more than happy to pay that!
  11. So if they have no right to fine people, how do they have a right to charge people to park there. Does this mean I can charge my friend for parking on my drive? Thanks for all the advice people, I'm really getting into this now and am going to make it my mission to keep spreading the bad word about Excel
  12. I understand what everyone is saying about just ignore the fine, but where do I stand if they can use cctv to prove that I was driving and did not purchase a ticket. I really want to fight these bastards, what they do is nothing less than extortion just like loan sharks, so how do a company like them get away with it and stay on the right side of the law?
  13. I also have been hit by these thieves today. Whilst i accept that I did not purchase a ticket as my son was rushing me and I totally forgot, I do not accept that £60 rising to £100 is a reasonable fine compared to what they may claim to have lost. After all the ticket is only 50 pence Had the fine have been less I would have just paid it, but the amount they claim has riled me and is just daylight robbery. Is there anyway of avoiding this fine???? Any advice much appreciated
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