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  1. Thanks Matty, but I really don't think that an arrow would pierce the thick-skin of this lot!! Always worth a go .... but don't expect a response .... at least within the forseeable future!!
  2. Over 2 weeks later, and guess what, no response. We have had to phone yet again to confirm delivery of the letter and for them to say that someone will be contacting us shortly!!
  3. Dear Ms Hillman, I write with reference to your letter dated 10/9/09. It appears that you have disregarded the issues I raised and commented only on the cancellation, I assumed that during such an investigation you would have contacted all parties involved as standard procedure, obviously you didn’t bother. My notice of cancellation was given months ago and confirmed by letter. The membership ended in August, hence the reason I cancelled the direct debit. I have confirmed this with head office via the telephone after I received a letter requesting that I reinstate the direct debit
  4. We have now sent a second letter, which I will post on here in a few minutes: -
  5. The more I read this the more annoyed I get!! One huge paragraph on something that wasn't mentioned in our original letter anyway, and no mention at all of the awful ordeal that my wife was made to suffer and no apology to that end. And then, to top it all off, a demand for the direct debit to be re-instated!!! Unbeleivable. Tried to get hold of no-win no-fee solicitors but they only deal with personal injury claims and am trying to get hold of Citizen's Advice and Victim Support to see what they advise. Anything anyone here can throw up would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Our ref: MK/Cheshireoaks/10728560 ELLLESMERE PORT Cheshire, 10 September 2009 Dear Mrs Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding your membership at the Cheshire Oaks David Lloyd Leisure club. Your feedback is very important to us and your concerns have been logged. I have contacted Kate Acton, General Manager at the Club who has investigated the matter. Kate advises me that Joanne of the Membership Team had originally spoken with you about the cancellation of your membership and that you had advised her that you were wishing to cancel due to financial difficul
  7. I AM FUMING!! It is the same uncaring, unsympathetic rubbish that we have been hearing all along!! I will copy it immediately after this post!! The letter also reminds us that our direct debit has been cancelled and please can we sort it out!! Well had she had investigated fully she would have realised that our membership had already been cancelled as of this month and that we are fully paid up and out of contract!! Don't know their backside from their elbow immediately leaps to mind!! Is a solicitor the way to go from here? It's their continuing attitude towards this and 'wash
  8. Hmmm, no reponse as yet from the 'regional director' so 'probably by the end of the week' is out!! They really don't seem bothered!! Just as I thought we may be getting somewhere!!
  9. REceievd the letter today starting, replying to our 'recent correspondance'. Recent? Over 5 weeks ago!! Anyway, it confirms that the Regional Director should be contacting us probably by the end of the week. Thanks again everyone.
  10. The wife has just spoken to DL HO and they have said that they have sent an acknowledgement letter to our original letter today (!!!) The regional director Sally Hillman is personally looking at the case and will be getting hold of us within a couple of weeks. This action has probably come about because we contacted them yesterday concerning the 'arrears' which have now been sorted, and my wife saying that she would be ringing to complain today! Let's see what happens from here.
  11. Wow!! Thankyou!! Did you write this as an email or letter? In fairness, the demand for payment was resolved very quickly and I think that the matter is done and dusted. However, there are all sorts of bizarre phone calls that we have received from the branch since voicing our disgust at their dealings with the incident. For example, last week we had a phone call asking if we had anything planned for my son's birthday as they could organise a party for him!! Surely there would be a message on the system saying not to contact us?? Again, insensitivity! The worst thing about this i
  12. Thankyou for all your replies again!! Would much appreciate the letters that people have said that they would send!! Second part of Terms & Conditions is now available as a picture. ** Actually, just realised that the system has shrunk it beyond recognition!! ** Will let you know how my wife gets on with them on the phone tomorrow!!
  13. Terms and conditions of membership Important points 1 Your membership is initially for 12 full calendar months (known as the 'initial term'). 2 You must pay all membership fees annually in advance (in other words, every year for the year that follows). 3 If you choose to pay in monthly instalments, we will include a small extra premium in the amount you pay. 4 If you add someone to your membership as a linked member and you are still within you initial term, both you and your linked member will start a new membership and a new initial term will apply
  14. Thanks for that I will post below this one the terms and conditions that we signed that I have put through my OCR. I have checked through it for mistakes but there may still be some left over.
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