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  1. thanks guys, this is a vulnerable case - a disabled persons carer, no other income other than disability benefits, no collateral, no chance of any future income. they can't remember when any last payments were but it's close to 6 years they think, they don't how much but it's from an asda store card originally. restons have been informed but don't care.cca was a legit attempt to find out from restons that missing information.
  2. hi all, sent a cca to restons recently regarding an alleged arrow debt, they refuse to give any detail other than amount allegedly owed. Received this pathetic response from restons - Re: Arrow Global Limited v. Yourself Original Creditor and Product Type: Santander - Asda Store Card Dear Madam, We write further to receiving your recent email, seeking documentation pursuant to S77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. We are under no obligation to provide the requested documents to you as we are not the Creditor; we are a firm of solicitors. We have not be
  3. HI thanks for such a fast response !!!! sorry about the size and yes you are right it is 1984RTRA. sounds like i'll have to pay up then thanks.
  4. HI, hoping someone could tell if this is a legal ticket. i got it while displaying my ticket and my blue badge (I'm physically disabled and totally reliant on benefits) in a council car park. parked on the end of a line of cars as no space was available, did not obstruct anything. parked in car park as street was full and if i parked on double yellow's it would have caused a traffic hazard. ticket does not even state date of issue et c just says - noticed at..... on...... having to send of the cheque tomorrow so would appreciate a fast answer. please see attached image (not sure if it'
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