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  1. Thanks, I will contact my conveyancer tomorrow. Will keep you updated Thanks
  2. As per Companies House HFC Bank Ltd is liquidated, it had been taken over by HSBC (HSBC has a zero balance on my account). Northern Rock became NRAM. NRAM doesn't have my account either. The third parties bought the debts as "unsecured" loan but I haven't contacted them yet. My other concern is - are those third parties have legal rights to remove the CCJ/equitable charge considering the debt registered with them as unsecured and the CCJ/CO is still with the original companies (HFC and Northern Rock)? Any advice?
  3. I haven't been told that i must pay it, I looked on Land Registry for any issues prior to selling and noticed 2 equitable charges, the main one Northern Rock and one from HFC, ironically both companies no longer exist. I was under the impression that this would be picked up by the buyers Solicitor and insists on it being cleared before any sale.
  4. The problem is I need to sell my house. How can I progress with this situation? Thanks, I think I maybe need to speak to a conveyancer
  5. Correct dx100uk, apparently they sold it in 2013 but I didn't get any notification. I wrote to NRAM and then to Cabot asking for details on my account and thats how I found out. It all appears very shady with minimum information. The letter I received from Cabot specifies the debt sold to Marlin as unsecured (no mention of CO or CCJ) They haven't mentioned anything about repayment at all which is odd considering.
  6. Yes a CCJ was entered against me I have since tracked the Loan that was being managed by NRAM then sold on again to Marlin (another DCA). Surely this loan is statute barred if 10 years old and the original Lender no longer exists, then I should be able to get it removed from Land registry?
  7. The precise text from the Land Register was "(31.05.2007) Equitable charge created by an interim charging order of the Cardiff county courticon dated .... 2007 in favour of Northern Rockicon PLC". NOTE: Copy Filed I have applied for a copy from the LR using form OC2 The loan was an "unsecured" and everything was on a single name (mine only). Thank you
  8. The precise text from the Land Register was "(31.05.2007) Equitable charge created by an interim charging order of the Cardiff County Court dated .... 2007 in favour of Northern Rock PLC". NOTE: Copy Filed I have applied for a copy from the LR using form OC2 The loan was an "unsecured" and everything was on a single name (mine only). Thank you
  9. I had an Interim charging order placed on my home by Northern Rock in 2007. I am in the process of selling my house now and I need to get this interim charging order note to be removed from the Land Registry. The last communication i've had on behalf of Northern Rock was in 2012 communicating that this debt has been sent back to Northern Rock Assets Management. The contact details/phone numbers provided to me then are no longer valid. How do I deal with this? I am in a position to settle this debt but am struggling to find the company that has got my account. I called t
  10. Yes it is a real diamond, and yes the Judge ordered costs to us which has to be paid by Claimant Vashi.com/ Diamond Manufacturers within 14 days.
  11. Surprise surprise, the claimant didn't turn up to the Court. The Judge looked at the evidence and the first thing the Judge mentioned was: "this looks like a [problem]" and that I did everything right in defending my position. What would you do? Imagine that you have proposed to your girl and she said yes, but after a week of her having an engagement ring and falling in love with it the company would ask for the ring back or pay an additional money. Would you look like a chump and ask your fiancee to return her engagement ring back or just pay the company to avoid the trouble with going t
  12. I asked for a written explanation of the error. The email appeared to be different to the explanation over the phone. It stated that they suspect the mix-up occurred in the workshop and they think that they sent me somebody else’s ring that is a ‘similar’ in style and should be size J ¾* The company confirmed that the centre stone was reset from our original twist to a new set we ordered and resized to K. The ring I received from Vashi.com was in ‘exact’ style that my fiancée and I chose in person “Contour Pave Set side Stone - SV-RN02458-PLT” (not in ‘similar’), and in size K ½ (ot
  13. The Judge has asked for both original rings to be brought to court. As part of their court bundle they have a certificate with my name on it to accompany their ring dated 29th February 2016 which was after the Judge asked for the rings, 9 months after I purchased and had the ring altered, my guess is they have just had one made for the court, very iffy. Immediately when the problem occurred we took it to a diamond retailer and he said it looked like the size diamond we had ordered, but couldn't be 100% unless the diamond was taken out of its setting and weighed. The so called diamond cert
  14. I purchased a Diamond Engagement Ring from Vashi.com online and paid the full amount of £2,464.05 on 10th July 2015. I proposed to my partner with the diamond ring on a holiday to Barcelona. I went to great expense to get everything right,*which was very important to me. We stayed at a 5 Star hotel in Barcelona, I hired a table on a secluded veranda overlooking Barcelona, hired a Mariachi band who were playing a serenade where I proposed with the ring I had purchased from Vashi.com. Everything went and seemed perfect. On our return from Barcelona we asked Vashi.com to alter the siz
  15. I would ask G E Money for a breakdown of charges, claim these unlawful charges and use these to pay of the debt. I had a similiar situation, and have told them using a template letter on here asking for over £2000 in charges and interest on these charges of over £500 or I would be taking them to court. The first letter I received offered me £1200 as a goodwill gesture, I'm gunning for em now and have responded by asking for the lot plus interest, I chased them up today after requesting where my response was after 44 days of no response, as i also asked GE money for a SAR. They kept saying sorr
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