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  1. Jesus, Thanks for all the advice guys. At what point is this thing likely to come to a holt whereby they might accept a settlement offer???
  2. No, nothing. I did send Natwest a Subject access request last year but they replied saying that they needed my signature before they would send me anything. I assumed this was a bit dodgy and that they were trying to get hold of my signature. so I didnt do anything.
  3. I dont currently have a scanner but I can give you the basic outline of what it looks like. It's printed on standard statement paper, about A5 size and states: Personal Loan The date of first Movement on the account: 27 July 2006 Ammount of credit available under agreement: 6000 Applicable interest rate Paragraph Duration Paragraph Settling your credit agreement early Paragraph Paying less than the agreed sum Paragraph Thats it!! Just looks like generic, half arsed t&c's on normal statement paper. Ideas?
  4. Hi guys, I had my loan passed to Intrum Justitia from Natwest last year sometime and after joining this forum, I stopped paying them my token payments and sent CCA & Subject access request ect. They were unable to produce any of this and all has been quiet since las sept. Until now!!!! A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from DCA called "Equidebt". Before they had a chance to send me a second letter I sent CCA request & telephone harrasment letter as they were calling me at all times. They have since aknowledged receipt of my CCA request by letter last week saying
  5. Ok, how do you reckon i should approach this with Intrum and NatWest. It feels like they're gonna come at me from all angles!
  6. I got a letter from Intrum today...Thoughts? Think this is their way of trying to wriggle their way out of not sending me the original CCA after i called them about the harrasing phone calls. Letter goes......... I can confirm that we received a request from you for information under the consumer credit act on 7th September 2009. National Westminister Bank had requested we close your account that day, therefore a letter confirming that Intrum Justitia were no longer dealing was issued to you. However, on the 22nd September 2009 National Westminister Bank confirmed to us that
  7. Hi guys, thought I would let you all know how my phone call with Intrum went today. I have to add first, what i forgot to mention in earlier posts is that I did write a leter to Nat West complaints department regarding the collection procedures of Intrum ect ect and the money i had already paid them(£100 or so). I received an aplogy reply that said the money had been deducted from the ammount outstanding but that they were looking to recover the debt. Anyway... I called Intrum Today and asked to speak to a call centre manager as per 2Grumpy's advice (cheers). The Woman i sp
  8. Thanks for the advice guys, it really helps me coz i get so damn confused when it comes to sorting things like this out. I know that i probably dont have much to worry about but I still panic slightly when i get letters. It's not that i want to try and escape the debt, i just want to come to some sort of agreement with the original creditor to get it clear. I think it's unlawful how they can just automaticaly pass it to a DC without prior notification or contact with myself. Dont know what id do if i hadn't found this site. Cheers again guys.
  9. It's ridiculous isnt it! They are calling me twice a day like clockwork at the same time, it's got to be an automated system they use. When they do ring, i've said nothing and waited for them to speak first but they dont, the call just ends after 10 seconds or so and they hang up. does anyone have the harassment letter i can forward to the ba****ds?
  10. What should i do? Intrum are calling me twice a day now, including sunday just gone. I dont understand why they keep calling me when they failed to supply me with a CCA and replied saying that they were no longer dealing with the account. It's getting to the point where im considerig taking the names of the people on the phone and having a trip to their offices to pay a personel visit!
  11. Thanks 42man. I will send that letter to GPB but should i send it to Intrum also? I dont want to confuse matters with them when they have already said that they are no longer dealing with it. Im confused.com!
  12. I did send Nat West a subject access request on all my accounts held with them (which i havent sen yet). Would this not have to include an original copy of my loan agreement or some sort of info on it indstead of me sending a CCA for the loan itself?
  13. Hi Guys, This was my original post and i got some excellent advice on what i should do and the direction i should be taking to sort this out. Anyways, I sent Intrum a CCA and they replied with a "we are no longer dealing with this request" letter. I thought to myself, Great!! I'll wait now and see if NatWest comes back to me to see if i can sort it out directly with them and get the ball rolling to start paying off the debt. I have heard nothing from NatWest, but today i have received a letter from some solicitors called GPB (Geoffrey Parker Bourne). This letter states
  14. Hi guys, Well, today i received a letter from Intrum Justitia (if you can call it a letter) after sending them a request for CCA. It was the original CCA letter i sent them (postal order included) accompanied by a hand written compliment slip saying "we are no longer dealing with this account, please contact the original creditor" Exactly the result i was hoping for!! What do i do now though guys? The debt has obviously been passed back to NatWest, who im sure imgoing to hear from shortly but do i now send them a CCA or do i send them a Subject Access Request? What abo
  15. Wow, Thanks for the speedy reply and sharing your advice and experiences guys. The only other problem i have with this debt is that it has risen by another 2k, so it now stands at just over £10,000. This is obviously due to charges ect. I would much prefer it if NatWest took the debt back, wiped the charges and started from scratch with myself to clear it at a reduced figure. What u reckon? or am i dreaming if i think this could ever be a reality!
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