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  1. Hi Jimmyk, I just wrote a letter to: Customer Service Team, TK Maxx, 50 Clarendon Rd, Watford, Herts WD17 1TX. I just wrote to them explaining pretty much everything you can see on my post: That i believed that i was putting the correct wallet into the correct case before paying. That it was surely up to the store to ensure that items were packaged correctly rather than expect the customer to guess prices etc. I think putting what you have posted here in a letter should suffice. As an aside, i ventured back into TK Maxx for the first time since i was w
  2. Hi JonCris, Thanks for the advice. Ive had a look at the subject aceess request linked. Does this not relate to bank charges? I had a quick search online and found this How to access information - Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) Would that suffice? Also, i am a bit concerned about sending a fee to RLP & Circeo & then anyone they might have subsequently sent my information to. Surely i shouldnt be charged for their error. Do people manage to reclaim the fee they pay? Thanks
  3. Hi, I just wrote to their head office. 50 Claredon Road, Watford WD17 1TX and addressed it to the head of customer services. They were pretty quick in responding. Goodluck!
  4. Hi Sugar Plum Fairy, Although i wasnt in exactly the same situation as you. When RLP said that they were keeping my details on file i wrote to them with a copy of the letter from TK Maxx exonerating me and asked that they remove my details from their database or i would raise a complaint with the information commissioners office. It would mean going out of your way when Boots and RLP should sort this out, but every little helps plus the sooner these people are off your back the sooner you can get back to normal.
  5. Hi, Just to let you all know, I today got confirmation from RLP that my details do not appear on the Cierco database. So 2 months down the line it looks like this has been resolved. Thanks everyone for your help. If i can offer any advice in dealing with TK Maxx/RLP then it would be this. 1) Try to stand up for yourself if wrongly accused in the first place to avoid the whole situation (easier said than done!) 2) RLP ignore any pleas on your innocence. So argue your case with the store head office and ignore RLP! Thanks again for all your support and advice
  6. Just to give you an update. Today i received a letter from RLP saying that on their clients advice they no longer wish to pursue their claim for compensation against me. However, they are to hold my details for up to 6 years. Im happy that this seems to be coming to a conclusion, but i am a bit concerned about them keeping my details. Has anyone any idea on why they do this or even if they can still keep my details? Any input would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi Button1, I had considered just sticking my head in the sand and ignoring the letter. However, i have had a change of heart and am in the process of writing to both TK Maxx and RLP. I still feel that i did nothing wrong, so why sit here doing nothing? Hopefully this will get resolved! Mightymouse69 I found a wallet that i liked, then i saw the same case with a clearance sticker over the price. There were numerous loose wallets (none of which were priced) lying in the shelf so i found the same wallet and put it into the case and paid for it. As far as i can see, i
  8. Thanks everyone. Im still at a bit of a loss as to where to take this? Should i try to plead my case to RLP or just ignore them or take it up with the store? Has anyone been in a similar situation that could advise? I dont even remember signing a banning order. But as i say, i was a bit flustered at the time. I should have argued my case, but, i didnt and at the time a banning order from a store at which i rarely used didnt seem like a big deal, however if i had been advised that i could expect a £100 odd charge then im sure i would have managed to speak up. I understand that
  9. Thanks Andy, Basically, i went into purchase a wallet as a present. Having hunted through a pile of them i i found one i liked, but then noticed an empty case for the same wallet with what a clearance ticket over the price and the same wallet lying lose. Thinking id found a bargain (saving a massive £2.99) i picked it up and paid at the desk. I was stopped leaving by the store security guard and taken through the back of the store and given a banning order and had the item refunded and asked to leave the store. This all happened in 5 minutes, leaving me a bit flustered. Only once i
  10. Hi, I recently received a letter from RLP on behalf of TK Maxx asking me to pay a ridiculous amount of money for "committing a wrongful act causing loss". My situation sounds similar to many of the threads regarding RPL and I am going to refuse to pay as i feel i have been unfairly punished for TK Maxx's inability to price its stock correctly. I was just wondering if there was a template letter that anyone had used to do this. Or if anyone knows if i need to say anything in particular when refusing to pay. I am also worried about this affecting my credit rating, i
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