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  1. hi all , whilst away for a weekend in spain i now relised i lost my phone . I rarely use that pone in uk as i have a work phone . three weeks after arrivin home i received my monthly bill for £2700 my useull bill is £10 as again i dont use it . All the calls are made from spain over a 10 day period when i was not there which i can prove with flight details and passport stamps . Although on my statement it ses have a call credit limit of £75 o2 say it takes at least 48 hours to register with them , I also had a insurance claim denied becouse not reported within 48 hours . Although i can p
  2. hi , i reacantly spent a weekend in spain where i now realise my phone was stolen .whilst in spain my phones battery runout , so i put it away with luggage . three weeks after comin home i received a bill for £2.700 from o2. All these calls have been made whilst i was back in the uk , which i can prove with flight tickets and passport stamps . This is a phone i rarely use in uk as i have a work phone and neather realised was missin and not reported stolen untell recieved monthly bill. Insurance claim failed as was not reported stolen within 48 hours even though i can prove i was not there
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