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  1. It was a cambelt kit with water pump not sure about the tensioner?
  2. Where will the code be? Bearing in mind he has taken my engine to his house?
  3. Its Monday tomorrow an I need to know what is my next move, please can anyone help me? x
  4. I don't know what to do, where do I go, what should I do, he wont answer texts or calls.....I have a feeling that he is at fault and hes trying to repair, but I don't want him to I've lost all confidence in him. How do I find out who is at fault?
  5. The timing belt had slipped off and was still intact but he tensioner had cause the bolt to shear off into the engine? I know nothing about engines.
  6. I went into edit but then it resent them, very sorry
  7. Please can anyone advice me as I am in a right mess. A month ago I bought myself a Golf 1.6 16v on a 2001 plate, the car was sound but due to my job working for Domino's as a delivery driver I decided to have a new cambelt kit fitted by a mobile mechanic. Two weeks later when on my way home from a hospital appointment 10 miles from home, a bolt in the engine sheared off wrecking all 16 valves, I called out the mechanic who stratched his head and help to push the car onto a side street where is stayed for a week, every day he said he was going to recover, it finally came back to my driv
  8. I have tried to go into the branch but they say there is nothing they can do and point at the phones in the branch for me to call the call centres? I think I got a charge simlar to this well over year but got it reversed. But they cant do anything about this as its automated?
  9. Firstly hello i am new to this so sorry if I am in the wrong place, I have looked and this seems the right one I bank with the Abbey and I am off work long term sick, single parent with a young child under school age. On Friday I checked my bank account to find that I had £12.99 available, I needed to pay a small bill of £4.19 so I did this via paypal. However on the Saturday I checked my account to find that I had gone 32p over my overdraft due to the Abbey taking interest charges of £9.12, this didn't show on my online account otherwise I wouldn't have paid my small bill. I have j
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