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  1. Oh dear. I said there had been no mention of a month's notice when I moved in, and asked why I didn't have a tenancy agreement. And no information on how my deposit is protected. Got a text back saying I was being unreasonable, and that in the UK by law I have to give 2 months notice in the first 6 months of a short hold tenancy so he's doing me a favour! Not sure whether to ask for his address in case he gets nasty. I'd like to write & ask for details of my protected deposit but it might do more harm than good He said he'd take this time next month as my moving out date. By law does notice have to end the day before rent is due?
  2. I couldn't get through to Shelter but spoke to someone at CAB. They weren't very helpful at first to be honest! They said it's half my fault for not asking for a tenancy agreement and half his fault for not giving me one. And suggested I move out and lose the £175 deposit. Or stay here for half a month after paying no rent and then disappear!!! They did ring me back to suggest I point out to the landlord that any deposit received should be acknowledged in writing within 14 days, and use that as a bargaining tool. I've just realised that a HMO is classed as a three storey building with 5 or more people, he said that officially only 4 live here. Maybe he's avoiding paying a licence fee for having a HMO? There were 5 here when I moved in, but now a girl has left I noticed the door is left open and her bed has been taken out, it just looks like a living room now.
  3. His sister DOES have a different surname, as it happens. I texted him back to say that I did have a problem with lying to the council (but I said it in a friendly way!) and asked how soon my deposit would be returned if I moved out at the end of this month. He said he's take a months notice from today if I really wanted to move out. I don't like the sound of that! At least if I move out now I'll only lose half the deposit as that's all I've paid. I don't pay cash but pay by bank transfer, so it shows up on my and his statement, the reference for the payments are my name & the address of the property. I think I'm just an idiot! And I thought this way would be better rather than get my own flat and have to go through credit checks, paying for an agreement to be drawn up etc etc. I'll see if I can get through the local Shelter/CAB office tomorrow! Eek!
  4. That's a bit small, this might be better http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae251/littlemiss_kitty/0d35bc99.jpg
  5. I moved into a room last month that was advertised on a lettings/spare room website, when I went to view the property the landlord was very keen to show me all available rooms and even took me to another house he was in the process of 'doing up', he said he'd split the deposit over 2 months as I was newly back in the country. Great I thought! I put the money across by bank transfer but he was a day late turning up with the key, I was waiting outside the house til 11pm before he texted me to say he was too busy...but anyway, I did get it eventually! As far as I can gather he has at least 4 properties with tenants in, but seems more interested in getting new tenants(money!) than looking after the existing ones. I received a text last week from him saying that an ex tenant had claimed benefit fraudulently while at the house and as a result of this the council would be visiting to check who lives here. He listed the people that officially live here and he's not in the list but his sister is supposed to be in the room where I am. He said if I had a problem with this to let him know asap as any complications would mean that the council will throw everyone out and close the house down. To me this sounds like a threat but I'm not sure if that's just paranoia!! Surely he can just tell them that I live here now? I know that his sister hasn't lived here in the last year because the other tenants have mentioned previous lodgers. I don't have an AST; if we were to get thrown out would I lose my deposit? I only have a text message from the landlord stating the monthly rent amount, due date and deposit amount. Monthly rent is 350GBP but I'm paying 525GBP for the first two months to cover the deposit. I don't have his address but have his full name and bank details. Is there anything I can do to protect myself in case this goes wrong? I wish I'd looked into this earlier! (Sorry for the length of this post) Edited to add, no inventory was taken and the room was part furnished (bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers)
  6. Sorry I said 'dates' but I meant to write 'times'. The date and time in the notebook match my PCN but my car (logged as no.2 vehicle of the day at 9am) is between No.1 vehicle at 9.30am and No. 3 vehicle at 10am. There are no times on the photographs, only the date. Would this be grounds to dispute a PCN? The attached letter rejecting my challenge says that if no loading/unloading is seen within 3 minutes then a PCN can be issued. I can scan the notebook tomorrow at work.
  7. Just received the pictures from the council and a copy of the warden's notebook, I was definitely on the double yellows and there is a photo of my car with a pcn on the bottom of the windscreen. But the dates in the notebook don't follow in chronological order. My car was observed around 9am and that's what it says on the ticket, but in the notebook my details are between a car observed at 9.30 and a car observed at 10am.
  8. Having a bit of trouble uploading a pic from my phone but I think I've got it sussed now...
  9. Just spoke to my boyfriend and he insists the car didnt have a ticket when I moved it! Even went as far as to suggest the warden put someone else's ticket on my window for the purposes of the photograph, although I can't see why that would have happened. Also said he's positive it could only have been my front tyre on the double yellows. And reminded me that I'd moved my car forward a little bit after pulling in to give the car behind more space in case he wanted to pull out. Wish I hadn't donre that now! Argghh, bloody council! Does anyone know the rules regarding viewing the evidence before starting an appeal?
  10. I didn't tell them what time I'd parked there, only that I'd been moving in and was taking my stuff inside. I told her I had moved the car when I saw a closer space become available. Not sure whether to say which council because it's such a strange (unique?) road with parking on alternate sides on alternate months. I'm a bit paranoid they'll be reading this!! It's in Essex. There is no email address to contact them with on the PCN itself, and only a contact form on their website. At the end of the day, either I really was just on the double yellows (which I didn't realise wasn't allowed so that's my own fault) or I was fully on the double yellows; still my own fault!
  11. I rang the council and they said they will only show me the photos if I appeal first. They said the car was parked with both wheels on double yellows and have a photo to show this, also one with the ticket attached. So I guess my eyesight needs testing!!! I explained I'd just moved there and gave unloading as an excuse but they said I have to be seen to be unloading within 3 minutes, I did say it would take longer than that to get to my house and back and that there weren't any closer spaces at the time but I don't think she believed me! I was parked on my street, at the other end to where the house is. Turning out of that road would put me on the one way street. I took a lot of details off after reading guidelines on a sticky here. The dates of service and contravention are the same and the street name is the correct one that I was parked on.
  12. But the ticket came in a big yellow plastic bag; and the street next to mine is a one way system so I had to drive 'round the block' which was quite a way. Also my boyfriend was with me and didn't see it either. And I walked round the car to fold my mirrors in and didn't see a ticket!
  13. Funny you say that, I did think it was one of those practical joke tickets at first because I didn't think I'd parked illegally anywhere! No it's legit and it's got my car details on it. The parking restriction is in force from 9am to 9pm, that's all it says on the signs. Near where I parked half the sign used to point in the direction of the double yellows and say "no parking at any time" but that part has been painted over. I can see that the double yellows used to extend further but these have been removed and replaced with a single yellow, presumably because so many cars try to park here. I'm sure I wasn't on double yellows (although it was dark and I'd never been there before!) but unless I see a photo I can't be sure. If one wheel is on them can I argue De Minimis even though it was near a T-junction?
  14. Hi Guys, Having recently been offered a job in the UK I've just moved into a new flat and it would appear that the morning after I moved in I got a council PCN, however the ticket was not attached to my car until later in the day after the 'offence' had taken place and I had moved my car to a different part of the street! I got to the flat late (I was waiting for the landlord to drop the front door key round but at 11pm he hadn't shown; luckily another tenant let me in!) and as far as I'm aware the car was legally on single yellow lines, I couldn't find a space near the door and had to park right down the other end of the street just before the double yellow lines at the end of the road near the T junction. The next morning around 10am there was a closer space so I moved the car (it had no ticket on it then!), took the last of my stuff into the flat and then went to visit my mum with my boyfriend in his car. When I got back the day after I found a ticket on my windscreen stating "Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours (Code 01)" which I couldnt understand as all the cars around me didn't have tickets but I checked the time and date and noticed it was a 3 minute period the previous day before I had moved the car closer. I was told before I moved here by the landlord that parking is allowed on one side of the street only and it changes every month to the other side (for street cleaning/gutter sweeping maybe?!) but I was definitely on the right side of the road for this month and have checked the road signs to make sure. Hence the single yellow lines on both sides of the road I presume. I would like to see photographic evidence of what I did wrong because as far as I knew I was parked correctly. Do I have to appeal first before I can see any photos the warden took? Could the fact that the notice wasn't issued immediately go in my favour? I'm 100% sure that it wasn't just a case of me not seeing the ticket when I went to move the car, it definitely wasn't there. Could I argue that I was unloading my car, I can prove I was moving in and it would take longer than 3 minutes to walk from the car to the house and back. I intend to have a look at the double yellow line termination tomorrow in the daylight and take photos if it's dodgy at all but would appreciate any advice anyone might have. I'll be able to scan my ticket tomorrow too.
  15. I commented a few months ago about MET parking services; I received probably 15 letters from them, from Graham White solicitors etc etc I'd like to put other people's minds at rest by saying I haven't heard anything from them in nearly 2 months now. I just ignored every letter and eventually they went away The letters are written to look scary and official (my mum tried to persuade me to give in and pay them after reading a couple!) but they don't have a leg to stand on. In a way I'd quite like them to take me to court! They're just idiots that are after people's money, they know full well that people have visited McD's twice in one day but they use entry photos from the first time and exit photos from the 2nd to try and substantiate a 'fine'. Surely this practice must be illegal?!
  16. Ha ha!! The Dutch equivalent of the 'c' word is not considered as offensive as it is in the UK...in Holland the room will fall quiet with horror if you accuse someone of having a disease like typhoid! It took me a long time to convince my work colleagues that they should never use the word in polite company if they came to England
  17. I received an email from Vodafone saying that my credit record will not have been affected due to the type of account I held with them..I assume because it was a business account for my limited company. Thanks for your help guys
  18. I'm at the Graham White solicitor letter stage now, I hope they ring me so I can say "See you in court" ha ha! I'm in the same boat as wotacheek and returned to McDonald's within 90 minutes..even though I was only there 10 minutes the first time, 20 minutes the second and bought food on both occasions!!! They're trying to scare me with threats of Intended Legal Action and additional costs of over 200quid but I'm not going to fall for it
  19. I feel the same way as you buzby, I find it hard to trust Vodafone after everything that happened! Especially as the contact form is the same one I was asked to use by Vodafone when I cancelled the account originally!!! But I've sent it off (hey, it's free!) so I'll see what response I get and let you know.
  20. I wondered about this because I've read on this forum that even after people have had mistakes cleared up Vodafone have blacklisted them. I just assumed they'd do the same to me to be honest. I've had a good credit record since I was 17 though, the amount I can take out if I use all my cards is frightening really. How do I check my credit file, do I need to pay Experian? And if this incident is on there would a letter to them mean it was taken off my file or is it not that easy? Nothing ever is, ha ha!
  21. Hi Jamberson sorry I was tired yesterday & posted the wording as I remembered it..It reads "Parked in a residents/shared use parking place/zone without clearly displaying either a permit/voucher/p d ticket for that place" which is a Code 12. I never heard back from them so went to the office in person; I was told the warden had noted that the vehicle was parked in the wrong zone for the permit but the girl in the office checked the permit and said this wasn't correct... Then they said he'd noted that the yellow lines were faded and didn't think it was a proper parking space. They are faded but that's because the council increased the number of spaces a few years back, the new white bays are quite visible & shown on his photograph so they said that was nonsense too... Then they said he'd also noted that the permit looked 'suspect' but I had it with me & they agreed it was genuine! Had to drive to another department where they looked at the permit & said the holder was distorted in the photo, making the permit look as if it was peeling apart. Apparently people photocopy permits & they thought this was the case with mine. Although wouldn't that be a different offence code?! The happy ending to this story is I got an apology, a new clear folder for the permit & the PCN cancelled with the reason "CEO Error" :grin: No need to appeal! Sounds like clutching at straws to me. Do traffic wardens have a weekly quota by any chance?
  22. It's a council PCN!! I've even got a photo of the PCN on the window & the permit clearly visible on the dash, the right way up so its easier for wardens to read. I can't wait for their explanation...! I got a private one a few months ago from MET but I had a look on here first & decided to ignore it I'd just taken my boyfriend to Stansted (running VERY late) and went to McDonalds to get some food. He rang to say he missed the flight so I left 5 minutes later to pick him up & brought him to McDonalds too. We both got food & used the wifi to find another flight. Got a notice from MET saying I'd returned within 2 hours so they wanted 100 quid or so! Hadn't even stayed longer than the max stay. Got receipts from both times I ordered food so they can swivel!
  23. I got an email from Vodafone saying the debt had been written off & the debt collectors notified that it was no longer outstanding. I also found out that Vodafone had been sending the monthly bills to my old address which is part of the reason I hadn't known the contract hadn't been cancelled. But the debt collectors had my new address that I'd given to Vodafone over the phone previously. Weird! Never again....!! Thanks for your help guys
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