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  1. Hi lfcsteve35 If its any consolation, they replied to me within a couple of days of sending the first letter by recorded delivery, asking me to send copy of drivers license and copy of utility bill (I think), which I promptly sent, recorded again. Received the cheque, minus the £5 admin fee, within a week. I even got junk emails from Wentworth after this trying to entice me to take out a loan with them, and interestingly, it was clearly stated on the email that your details are passed to another company to process the loan, so maybe they are covering themselves after receiving so many c
  2. Hi Sorry to jump in on your thread here, but I am another person/victim of this nasty [problem]. When you say you can write to Wentworth to get the broker fee back - did you mean in general or just in the case when they have debited the money twice? What exactly would you say in the letter demanding the fee back for this [problem]? And when you say about getting the money back from the bank because you paid with a debit/credit card - is that for anyone that pays this fee? I am raging, like the rest of you, and annoyed with myself for not seeing through this stupid [problem]
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