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  1. Hi I have a debt of around £500 with Marisota which by my reckoning is made up entirely of their £12 charges. Can you still reclaim charges or has it all been stopped? Anyone had any success with this company, they go by other aliases such as jd williams, simply be etc thanks
  2. I sent the follow up letter to the failure to provide a CCA, which says much the same thing, is that ok?
  3. How do i check? i have already sent a SAR and a CCA but there is no paperwork to the loan....should he go into his local branch to talk to them?
  4. How does he investigate, HSBC say they have sent everything and there is no CCA? Should I write a letter to HSBC querying the possible PPI and see if they can produce anything?
  5. As far as i remember it to consolidate his overdraft and a loan he had with them and another debt from another company, he said they call it a managed loan?? He sent a SAR quite a while ago and they never sent any CCA's, it was just endless reams of statements. You could see the loan amount going into his account on the statements, they also sent the default letters, and the statements from MCS showing him paying his monthly amount. He did query the lack of paperwork for the loan but they said they had sent everything... So eventually he sent a CCA request and th
  6. Hi, OH has a debt with MCS, HSBC inhouse collectors. I sent a CCA about 6weeks ago and have recently received a letter from them stating sorry its taken so long blah blah but at this present point they cannot supply a CCA. He was paying monthly towards the debt, but has now stopped paying them and sent a follow up to the no CCA letter. My first question, should he have stopped paying them?? and second question should he now offer a F&F as we just want rid, its for about £1500. thanks
  7. Hi, i got a reply from the wages dept, they have decided to give me back the 8 hours holiday .
  8. I have given the wages department a query in writing....so I will let you know what they say to me then.
  9. Im a 100% sure everyone else who was contracted to work on that day got paid. As I said I had this confirmed by my manager and the wages department. Apparently Easter Sunday is the only that we dont have to book off as they have to close.
  10. Hi I work for a large supermarket and I am contracted to work Sundays, quite some time ago I booked a week off work from Sunday (easter Sunday) to the following Saturday. After recently speaking to a few colleagues I discovered that I didnt need to book easter sunday off as we got paid for it. I queried this with my new manager and she stated that my old manager should have told me this, she then spoke to wages who told her that there would be some uplift (dont know what this is) and that as my manager could gather I would effectively be paid twice for it. However, my wages did
  11. Have just received an allocation questionnaire, any how to's on completing it?
  12. Hi, thanks, so i will send a letter refusing the offer and the tomlin. will keep you informed.
  13. I have recieved a without prejudice letter from their solicitors, it states that they are willing to give me £100 in full and final settlement, and attached is a Tomlin order. Is this normal practice? Should I call the their solicitors? the claim is for nearly £400 including interest and costs.
  14. Hi, Capital one refused to refund anything after prelim and LBA, so I filed at court. They until yesterday to defend, but according to the court they havent recieved anything. Should I try calling CAP1 or should I just request judgement?
  15. Hi, yeah I sent a prelim and a LBA twice in fact. All they have offered me is £4.
  16. I found one that I adapted in the end. I submitted the claim to court on friday.
  17. After much delay, about a year! I have finally decided to reclaim my charges from JD Williams, but which POC do I use??
  18. Thanks for the quick reply ... I will keep you updated on how I get on.
  19. Hi Is there anything stopping me from claiming for a 2nd time against CAP1? I successfully won my charges back last year but since then I have gained more charges, so can I claim for these? thanks
  20. Hi I am looking to make a reduced settlement offer on an old HSBC loan which has been passed to MCS. I am also reclaiming my bank charges with HSBC, now if MCS accept a reduced figure will the be able to take any refund of bank charges aswell?
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