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  1. Thanks for your reply. So if i highlight these points on the N244 form that the landlord previously filed a claim and then withdrew it, would the judge potentially throw out the whole claim without future enforcement? I dont understand why the landlord would have taken this route?
  2. Hi Lula Thanks for your prompt response. The Court confirmed that the first claim was issued by the letting agents on behalf of the landlord and then withdrawn. The second, identical, claim has been issued by the landlord independently. However, all paperwork that has been received regarding the claim has been received from the letting agents. We were never aware of the second claim until the Order for Judgement came through recently.
  3. Hi all, Im new to this forum and just looking for some advice urgently. My mum was party to a 6mth short term lease agreement on behlaf of my brother, but he vacted the property 4 months early due to unhabitable living conditions which the landlord and letting agent failed to resolve/rectify. My brother was effectively in breach of the lease agreement and the landlord demanded he pay all of the rent due up until the end of the lease agreement plus cleaning costs etc. My brother disputed the matter on the grounds that the landlord/letting agents did not rectify the problems at t
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