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  1. Thanks, I only intend to pay the original loan and 3 weeks interest (254) ... they can add whatever they like on but I won't be paying it.
  2. I have noticed the site has been down for the last couple of weeks. Maybe trying to get regulated under the FCA before operating again.However, think they are the same company as creditondemand - as the website is almost identical.Won't be sorry to see these muppets go bust as they passed my debt to Adept Credit Solutions who insist on adding daily interest to the debt that was passed over to them.
  3. Thanks. I have left notifying 247 Moneybox to the end want to speak to them first before sending them a letter about defaulting on the account. WDA and PDUK also confirmed acceptance of repayment plan within 24 hours without adding any further charges. Quite impressed at the quick response from them all. For anybody who needs help with a email/letter template this is what I sent to the 4 payday companies. Before sending this I would advise for you to report your existing debit card as lost/stolen and once you have received you can notify the payday companies! Dear
  4. Can no longer afford to keep rolling over my loans with the above 4, all due for repayment next week.Emailed them all earlier today advising I will be defaulting, already cancelled bank card and cancelled direct debits.TXT LOAN already replied and confirmed they will accept my offer of 351 over 4 months to repay a 300 loan - with no additional interest and charges - Thank You Very Much Text Loan.Awaiting for the other 3 to get back to me to confirm acceptance.Only going to start paying them if they agree to the original loan + 1 month's interest.Will be glad to hear from anyone who has dealt w
  5. Does anybody have an email address for Cahoot Collections department? Many Thanks!
  6. Took about 4 months for mine to go to a DCA - was never going to agree for repayments over 3 months so just ignored all the emails and voicemail messages from them for ages ! They only added 1 default charge of £12 and no further interest so happy days ! If you dont want them hassling you all the time change the contact numbers and employment details before you default ! They only had my mobile as a valid number and was always some American from QQ requesting me to call them. Never called them once! Now dealing with Mackenzie Hall and repaying £50 per month.
  7. Hi On the Mackenzie Hall website there is an option to download a standing order form - on that is there bank account details - so I supposed you could take these and setup an online standing order quoting the M reference as your payment reference. Sort Code 83-25-15 Account 00298927 I currently pay via debit card each month but will probably setup a standing order when I get chance! Good Luck.
  8. no probs, it took 3 or 4 emails back and forth but worked eventually !! other points i made where:- - As a DCA surely you must understand I can only afford what is reasonable and I am not going to leave myself short as I do no intend to apply for credit elsewhere. - threatened to add this debt to my debt management plan meaning a repayment approx 10 per month !! - I am aware of the action that can be taken to recover this unsecured debt and I am sure any court will recognise I have made a reasonable offer on this debt that you have declined - and any court action may result in reduc
  9. I have dealt with WONGA and Payday Express. The sooner you default the better Wonga - email them now (collections@wonga.com or customercare@wonga.com) and tell them you can no longer afford to repay this debt and setup a repayment plan for say 50 per month .. you can always email them later balanceoffer@wonga.com for a reduced settlement offer. Try offering them the initial loan plus 1 months interest. Payday Express - will setp repayment plan if you send I&E .. I did this but was later sent to Castlebridge Credit Management (think they are internally linked to Payday Expre
  10. dont pay the full amount to WONGA .. make an offer via email to balanceoffer@wonga.com for the loan and 1 months interest and see what reply you get.
  11. I have an agreement with Wonga that I was keeping too then received a letter from Roxburgh for a stupid amount almost 3 times the balance outstanding! A few emails and phone calls sorted this out. I was paying Wonga £10 per week on a 800 debt ... was getting a bit bored with this so emailed balanceoffer@wonga.com to request a reduced settlement on the outstanding £400. They agreed a reduction to £250 if I repaid within 3 months. Worth a try if you feel you can me a realistic offer on what is outstanding. Go for 50% of the outstanding amount. Good Luck.
  12. email from Siobham Wheatley of Mack Hall I have reviewed your account and can confirm I shall accept your offer of ?50 as a goodwill gesture. Happy Days !
  13. Hi My QQ account has recently been passed to Mackenzie Hall for approx 650. Received a couple of letters from them like the one above and offered them 50 per month. Was refused a few times - I just kept emailing them telling them this is all I can afford and I will make payments via the website even if they do not accept the payment arrangement. They originally wanted repayments over 3 months - if I could afford that I would have arranged to pay QQ over this time. Now they have bought the debt from QQ they can wait for the money over a time period that suits me !! I h
  14. barclays bank account name: express finance account number:30066850 sort code:20-24-61 Ref: your surname and payday express account number
  15. I recently defaulted with PTP and within a month it was passed to Clarity. I advised PTP I could only afford to repay over 6 months and unable to agree to anything else. Only spoke to them twice on the phone and sent them loads of emails stating the same thing over and over again. The £59 default charge was added when passed to Clarity, and I have since agreed repayments of £75 per month. Clarity even offered a discount of approx £200 on the original loan as soon as they chased me for repayments ! I have made 2 repayments todate and will be looking to offer a full and final se
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