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  1. Last Sunday night I paid online my mail order shopping bill. When I then tried to pay my BT phone bill my payment was declined by the bank. This morning I called into my branch to try and sort this mess out and they wanted me to ring the bank's fraud number. When I asked for help off the bank staff with this phone call I was told that they're not allowed. Although I'm not deaf I do suffer hearing problems and I walked out. How do I sort this so called 'fraud' out without using a telephone? I haven't had any letters regarding this matter. All this fuss is because I tried paying my phone bill late at night! Sheila
  2. I emailed hsl last night and lo and behold they tried ringing us first thing. As we didn't want to discuss anything with them over the phone we ignored the calls. So they emailed us instead. Guess what? They're going to exchange the sofa in about 4 weeks. I know this is a strange question but can't we just ask them to repair it to save us the hassle of another early morning delivery? Sheila
  3. The sofa was delivered on the 6 January x
  4. Hi I wonder if anyone can advise. Before Xmas we ordered a sofa from HSL. We knew it would be around four weeks delivery time. Not to bothered about that but HSL didn't tell us that they would be using a logistics company to deliver. First contact from the logistics firm was about two weeks after we ordered and we were given a date for delivery this month. The evening before it was due to be delivered the company's customer services rang to give us a time. This was fine as we would be able to get our lounge ready for them. We got told that the sofa would get brought between 8am and noon. So you can imagine the shock we got when the delivery men turned up at 7.25am while it was still quite dark. 'No they couldn't wait because they where off to Blackpool next' we ended up being quite flustered and had to let them deliver the sofa. Now it seems that in their hurry to get the sofa in they forced it through a doorway without caring if anything got damaged. Got my husband to sign for it and scarpered as quick as they could. He didn't get chance to read what he was signing or even check the sofa over first. Now we realize that both the door and the sofa have been damaged. I tried to contact HSL on the same day using their online form but with no luck. What should we do next? We cannot afford to waste our money like this as we are both disabled. This sofa was a special treat for ourselves. Thanks Sheila
  5. Just had a gas cooker delivered and installed by Currys (Mon 7 Jan). Had to email them to ask what to do because we found some damage which has been covered by white paint. Sent the email on Mon just after the delivery men had left. Get a reply to this email tonight. They are saying that if we've used the cooker then we're not entitled to a replacement. Is this right? In fact we don't want a replacement just the damaged parts replaced.
  6. As it is the main line into our property I contacted bt. They say they did a line check and that the phone is working fine. They also said in an email to me that they rang me and were sorry to have missed me. That's all well and good but I never received that call. As I happened to be in that day I double checked 1471 and found the last phone call to our number was exactly a week previous. My phone also wasn't flashing missed call. I do have a dial tone, but although I can connect to the internet that does seem to run slow. I was told by bt that they would charge £130 if they sent an engineer out. Is it likely that they did ring like they say or are they telling porkies? Did bt ever use grey cabling? I know that the master box has an old british telecom logo on it. Ginger'smum
  7. The external phone line into our property doesn't appear to be a bt installed line so I'm concerned that bt will try to charge us to replace it. If it wasn't damaged I would leave things as they are but there is at least two cuts in the cable already. The phone works ok but I'm worried that rain will get into the wire now that we've removed the blue tack and sellotape that was hiding the damage. We only moved into the property around 18 months ago and wondered why this blue tack was on the wire. There is an even bigger bit of blue tack on the wire just as it enters the wall. Can bt charge us even though its nothing to do with us? Goodness knows how long this wire has been there but its connected to a digital master box inside with an old british telecom logo on it.
  8. Recently finished paying for my mobility scooter bought on a 2 year HP with part of my DLA being paid direct to route2mobility over '26 installments each payable on the same day in each consecutive 4 weekly period'. What I'd like to ask is if my agreement commenced on 9 September '07 and the DLA being paid started from 26 September '07 when would the last payment be? Given that I also had to pay arrears of two weeks to cover the two weeks prior to 26 September '07. I've emailed Motability and received a reply that they've been paid up to 8 September this year and I should ring DWP if I'm concerned that I've overpaid. What I'd like to know is if it's been overpaid who has my money! Ginger's mum
  9. So British Gas can get people to pay for gas by just telephoning that you've been undercharged or whatever at a previous address? Surely that's illegal? Can they actually ask for payment for that long ago? If they accepted your final meter reading and you paid that in full how can they prove that you owe them anything? The only thing would be a wrongly calibrated meter or wrongly worked billing after a meter change. Who can help my daughter and her OH get this sorted.
  10. Is it normal practice for British Gas to phone customers informing them that they owe money for gas? I'm asking for a family member who recently told me that is what happened to them. The debt is a so called an underpayment after a meter change in 2006 and at their previous address. Because of serious health issues they haven't been able to check things out and thought they had to pay up, even though they are struggling. Surely they should have been sent a bill so they could check against their previous bills? I don't know how much was involved but they have already received letters from a debt collector and have paid off some of the arrears the BG say they owe. What if anything can they do now?
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