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  1. DD, you say you havent filed your WS yet? What time did the court give for this? We may be able to construct your defence to submit to the court, use the fact that you are a LIP for submitting it late, this seems all a little disjointed, because youve sent the other side your statement and not the court, so theyve picked it apart and started all this BS. DO NOT give them that luxury again. Lets get to work on this, go through their claim as it was originally with all the fibs on it. make a copy and start marking it where there is an issue, then go through their latest WS if there is one. She is being coached by her solicitor now so we may be able to highlight some dodgy statements from her, which will show her in bad light. As Caro has said, concentrate on your own case, its irrelevant what happened to other people. Now get yourself nice and calm, then make a start on getting everything organised, tag everything in a folder if you can. IE, if they say one thing, what would you counter it with? The answers are all there, youve just got to cut out the fat to get to the meaty bits.
  2. Hi, I have a few creditors that are being paid via a CCCS set up, But I keep getting hassle from barclaycard to pay money, they say I havent paid anything for 3 years, Im out of work, I havent paid anything to CCCS for 2 years at least, theyve said when you get work to restart payments. Whats my best option to get B'card off my back? reading through the site, I'm thinking that CCA request to start the ball rolling, Ive not requested SAR yet, Any advice appreciated.
  3. Ive received a reply from natwest now saying that they dont consider me to be in hardship, this really annoying after filling in all their questions. They said this is the final response and if I wish I can refer to FSA. I didnt send a schedule of charges but highligted all the charges on copies of statements. Can I still go ahead and send LBA or do I now need to involve FSA? Please help
  4. you and me must be in the same boat as most of the people i know are comftably living and still got there money back i thought i was the only one with bad luck here!:-|
  5. thanks enamae for your feedback however i have already listed the bills i can provide evidence on, and they have told me on the phone i need to prove more how can i provide energy bill when im on prepayment i have pawned my gold to pay for bills i cannot afford and now im not sure i can get those back is this evidence that im struggling? i have also requested crisis loans from dwp is this sufficent eniough to prove im in hardship? i dont know what else to show! im at the point now i want to start court proceedings but dont know where to start and what steps to take do i give up????????? thanks star
  6. hi this happens to me all the time i am currently trying to claim back all chrges made to my account although its proving tough they are trying to put me in the long que waitng like evrybody else moneys tight any suggestions?
  7. hi i hope someone can help me i am trying to claim back the charges from my bank but at the moment the bank is giving me the cold shoulder my claim is at the moment on hold as i have put in a hardship form and my claim was rejected i am a single mom with 2 children on income support and struggling to keep up payments on everyday living i was told to make an appeal by sending in personal information regarding my income and expenditures which i have already done which is what the hardship form is i dont see reason to send in any more personal information as most transactions are already on my bank statements im not sure what to do next and how to start court proceedings with xmas round the corner this money would make my life alot easier thankyou
  8. There as been no h&s training on any machine the only thing which was pointed out upon starting there was fire exits and fire assembly point thats it. Establised company been running 30 odd years.
  9. recently injured at work on machinery had to have surgery for the repair doctor advised up to 8 weeks from work only receiving ssp. There was no training in place for use on any machine Is there anyone who`s been in a simular position
  10. hi, i had a deep laceration to my hand which happened at work on machinery which tore most of the tendon. I needed surgery for the repair, Doctor advised 3months off from work, all im getting is ssp is this right and what are my options
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