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  1. Thanks everyone I will let you know - I'm finding it quite daunting. They have been really quiet recently but they still won't stop interest etc so I don't think I have any choice.
  2. What will they do then? Thanks for this. As they are the same company do I leave or take out the 3rd paragraph?
  3. Can anyone talk me through sending a CCA request to Barclaycard. Do I send them a £1 postal order recorded delivery. What letter do I send and what can I expect from them in return. Do I send the letter to Mercers or Barclays? Kind regards :idea:
  4. What happens if I CCA them? I've been paying a certain amount each month but they want more. Do I stop paying them until they respond?
  5. Has anybody managed to get Barclaycard to accept a lower payment and to stop interest etc Finding them hard to crack!
  6. Thanks for this. I never talk to them on the phone now as it doesn't get me anywhere. I will request that they do not phone me.
  7. I know Mercers are low but where do I stand legally when they telephone me on Boxing Day and leave messages with other people telling them who has called?
  8. Yes, they rang me up and I said I wasn't in! They did say tell her Mercers have rung..................
  9. Why is it that Mercers after weeks and weeks of silence rear their ugly heads just before Christmas? Is it their way of spoiling your festivities? Anyway, just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thanks to everyone who's helped me through my legal battles with my creditors.
  10. I didn't mean I'm going to get another credit card I meant I might try getting the PPI back on my other cards. I had heard Barclaycard was hard going so wondered if my other credit cards would be easier to deal with as I'm having a difficult time with them.
  11. Hi If your creditor supplies a genuine CCA at your request will they start getting heavy with you because you have asked for the CCA in the first place?
  12. Thanks for this. One other thing - is there a credit card company who is easier to deal with because I might try the others as well.
  13. I am in debt with a Barclaycard credit card. I am employed and I am thinking of trying to claim my PPI back so I can pay a bit of the debt off. From what I can remember I felt obliged to have the insurance. They didn't ask me if I had any other insurance to cover me. Can someone tell me how to go about this from scratch or point me in the right direction. What are my chances? Also, I obviously cannot use my card now as I am in dispute with Barclaycard as I am now sending them s/o payments which is lower then they would like. If the PPI is cancelled where does that leave me legally etc? Thanks for your time.
  14. Sorry ......could you explain unlawful fees. Also, I'd heard that you can only claim PPI back if you become unemployed or ill. Is this true?
  15. Thanks everyone. I just wanted to make sure! Is there a downside to this if I go for it?
  16. They want more money from me each month. I didn't want to CCA them but they have been stalling for months and still putting interest onto my account putting me further into debt. I will CCA them but just wondering if I can claim the PPI back as well. Thanks
  17. Hi Can someone tell me if you can claim back PPI if you are in debt with a credit card. One of my credit card companies is making it difficult because I've set up a s/o to pay the debt off but they are wanting more. Thanks.:-?
  18. I don't usually talk to them as I can tell when I pick the phone up it's from an office so I just stay silent. Unfortunately, they sometimes catch me out so I will just put the phone down in future.
  19. I've had this credit card for years but from what I can remember I must have signed an agreement.
  20. Thanks again. When I spoke to them I was quite assertive so I am learning! It's just really frustrating when one advisor doesn't know that the other has just spoken to you. It's like having to start from the beginning again. I hate when they say "to set the deal up you have to do this and that" because it's always out of your reach. I've never missed a month in paying them something so I'm trying my best. I will send them the letter regarding the debt collector though. Cheers.
  21. Hi thanks........I'm already paying them by standing order each month which I've been doing several months now. I really don't want to get out of paying the debt off so haven't CCA'd them. Funny thing is I've now received a letter saying a debt collector will be coming around even though another advisor told me a couple of days ago to ring them back in a couple of weeks! It's just like each advisor starts from scratch with you all the time, he even said he would stop people ringing me because he had spoken to me. I've had no phone calls but received a letter instead!
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