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  1. Thank you for this. What address do I send it to? I only know the Bolton one on the back of my statement. Cheers.
  2. A bit of advice required. I've come to an agreement with Barclaycard to pay a certain amount off every month. Also, after I complained to them about the service I was getting ie numerous phone calls from Mercers etc they agreed to stop interest. This agreement would be reviewed at a later date. I'm now getting charged for late payment and going over my credit limit. I pay before the 'date due' date on my statement because I pay with s/o. I suspect it is because I'm not paying the full amount required. Is this correct? Also, it isn't me that's gone over my credit limit but the charges that have been put onto my account that has taken me way over. If I send a Subject Access Request off could I claim back the charges? Is it better to do this then a CCA? I've noticed it has now been passed to Calders from Mercers as well. Kind regards
  3. You should be able to get your money back. This has happened to me but I've always got it back when I've complained. I go down the Standing Order route now.
  4. They range from £8 to £10+. Thank you.
  5. I'm in the process of sorting my debt out. All is going well but I was wondering if someone could explain this to me. I've noticed on my statement it says Purchase Interest £8.00. I know this might be a silly question but I want to settle my curiosity as every pound counts! Why do they charge you Purchase Interest even if you don't use your card to purchase anything? There I've said it now .......
  6. RMA wrote to me but I just told them I had offered my creditors a nice amount every month and they went away.
  7. After a couple of months of letter writing I managed to get them to stop adding interest and pay what I can afford. It was still a nice amount though. If you sent a CCA request 6 months ago and didn't receive anything back I don't think they can add interest any way.
  8. Hi I'm wanting to claim my PPI back as I wasn't aware that it was optional. Also, can someone tell me if having PPI is useless if you work part time as I only work 19 hours? Does it state on your statement that you are paying for PPI. I've had this credit card for years and I'm sure I've got PPI but don't want to look an idiot. My credit card is in dispute and I want to make doubly sure that I have it before I contact Barclaycard. Thanks.
  9. Yeh, I know but do I send it to Mercers address or Barclays? I know they are probably next door to each other but I have different addresses for them both.
  10. And do I CCA Mercer's not Barclaycard as they are the ones who are chasing me.
  11. Would it be better to tell that I'm not paying any more until they stop interest etc and accept my payment which I've been paying by s/o
  12. I was thinking of sending a CCA request to my credit card company as they refuse to stop interest. Another Cagger has enlightened me on reconstituted agreements. I'm not sure whether to go ahead now. Can someone advise me. Thanks
  13. Hi sorry can you explain - not sure what that means! I'm new to all of this
  14. Just had a statement - so I definitely have to CCA them as more interest has been put on.
  15. Yes, I think most people want to pay their debt off and I'm happy with paying every month what I can afford. The amount I'm paying isn't a pittance either but as you rightly say when they start bullying you, worms will turn and people start fighting back. Good luck anyway.
  16. It was passed to Mercers about Aug/Sept time. I told them I could pay a sum each month but it was less then the minimum payment. They said that if my first payment was £60 after that they would then drop it to the amount I wanted to pay. I couldn't afford the £60 so just paid what I could afford by s/o each month. I have asked them to stop the interest but they have refused. Now I don't seem to know where I stand with them as they have gone quiet on me.
  17. I've been paying Mercers/Barclycard a monthly payment by s/o for a few months now. Mercers wanted more than I could afford so I just went ahead and paid them what I could afford each month. Apart from a few phone calls on Xmas Eve they have been really quiet. I didn't have my monthly statement last week so I'm wondering what is happening or what to expect next. I know the weather has disrupted the post but what do I do if my statement doesn't come this week? I haven't CCA'd them yet.
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